saga Saw It can already boast of being a classic of gory horror cinema. Not just because of the ten-film length., but for the complex universe he created from a seemingly simple story. What began as twisted revenge in the hands of James Wan has become an exploration of modern morality. Little by little, the torture, which in different stories became more and more sophisticated and cruel, pointed to a specific point. Demonstrate that revenge can be a (totally dubious) form of justice when legal or any other justice fails..

But since the plans Jigsaw/John Kramer (Tobin Bell) became more ambitious, the saga presented itself with a dilemma. How to connect all the circumstances described in it into a single chronology? Moreover, as the franchise developed, more information could be added. From the context of the killer, how the actions of his victims were related to each other, to the background of the crimes. And this is in addition to the usual large-scale trap built to avenge unscrupulous actions. How do you keep the plot fresh without deviating from the successful vision of brutal revenge on the part of a man of genius?

The answer came from Spiral: The Game of Fear Continues 2021, which gave rise to the idea that Jigsaw’s actions were being monitored by a copycat of his brutal methods. However, the experiment was not a big box office success. So, I saw John Kramer. This time it is the origin story of the entire saga, making the film a partial beginning of what has been told so far, despite being the last one to be released.

In that case, what should the saga look like? Saw understand Saw X? We explain what happens in each feature film in the franchise and how they are connected to each other. each other, in a single central plot.

Saw IV, Darren Lynn Bousman

Despite the fact that he is the fourth in the saga, it is he who provides the first information about the already known killer. Jigsaw/John Kramer. In fact, throughout most of the film – and despite the presence of a secondary subplot involving violent death – the character is given context. And this despite the fact that in many ways it is a franchise Saw maintains its integrity (or retained it) thanks to its secret. In particular, in what surrounded Kramer and his relentless thirst for justice.

But this time the killer’s story is told carefully. Before becoming an Avenger, John was a successful civil engineer, famous and leading a peaceful life. His wife Jill (Betsy Russell), was the director of the clinic. Way home. According to the script by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, they were both expecting a child while Cecil Adams (Billy Otis), attacked the establishment and caused Jill would interrupt.

After this, John entered into a severe depressive state, which caused his divorce and led him into a spiral of self-destruction. After all, he suffers from brain cancer. Among the mistakes of the future pathologist Logan Nelson (Matt Passmore) and bureaucratic pitfalls William Easton (Peter Outerbridge) Kramer worse. So much so that his condition was considered incurable. What caused all the events described in previous and subsequent films.

Saw III, Darren Lynn Bousman

Events Saw III They are directly related to John Kramer’s struggle to leave a sinister legacy. It is curious that events occur simultaneously with their continuation. Saw Vbut the latter provides more information to the franchise.

Additionally, this is a feature film that opens up the possibility that a revenge crusade Puzzle, remains untouched even after his death. Something that confronts his wife Jill. However, in terms of data and unexpected twists, it is the weakest in the saga.

Saw VI, Kevin Greutert

The above is further explored in the 2009 film. The plot, in addition to the plot of perverted deaths and torture, shows in detail the tragedy of the victims. Kramer. Through memories of Jilltells how Cecil He crushed her stomach with a door at the entrance to the institution he ran. As a result, the child she was carrying died, a tragedy from which the couple never recovered.

One of the interesting elements of hindsight in the saga Sawis that it allows us to understand step by step the transformation John. At the same time, difficult decisions that led him to become the violent man he was decades later.

Saw VIII by the Spierig brothers

Although the story takes place ten years after the events of the saga, it provides insight into a life-changing misdiagnosis. Kramer. In an attempt to save his life, Logan Nelson admits that he mislabeled the x-rays. Puzzle. Something that caused his cancerous condition to worsen until it became incurable.

A fact that has already been revealed in various previous stories, but this time it is analyzed to show the seriousness of the incident and how it outlines the future behavior of the ruthless criminal. The feature film also manages to weave together various scenarios to keep the franchise’s central narrative consistent. In particular, how Logan became a student Puzzle.

James Wan’s Saw

The first part of the saga sets the tone and path for the rest. So, everything about the grotesque traps, mind games, torture and the dark and sobering ending that defines the saga comes from her. Although it was released in 2004, it directly depends on the events that will be told in the future.

The plot is about death Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes), in whose office John Kramer He discovers that he is terminally ill with cancer. The decisive moment that pushed him to create sinister games to which he exposes his victims.

Saw X, Kevin Greutert

It is curious that the new part of the saga is located chronologically a few months after the first. Film, director Kevin Greutertsample John Kramer in search of a miracle cure for incurable cancer. A desperate journey that will take him to Mexico and discover a trap designed for vulnerable people like him.

Punished and with nothing to lose, John He will definitely transform into a killer capable of anything. The plot will show step by step his way of planning and especially carrying out his terrible games with the aim of inflicting exemplary punishments.

Saw 2, Darren Lynn Bousman

Sequel to 2005 with Darren Lynn Bousman as director and James Wan as producer. John in a severe existential crisis. The one that almost led him to suicide. However, after failure, he will begin his long journey to becoming a serial killer.

Additionally, this film features Amanda Young (Shaunie Smith) as a criminal’s apprentice. But specifically, as part of history Puzzle. Amanda was a girl Cecilcriminal who caused abortion Jill.

Saw V, David Hackl

Although this adds little to the central thread of events surrounding John Kramerfilm by David Hackl, sets the stage for the possible spin off and continuation. About this detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) imitates games Puzzle in an attempt to avenge the death of his sister. But let’s move away from the story associated with the real killer and his motives.

Despite this, the script has the ability to delve deeper and analyze the universe of the franchise. This is the one that best shows the influence of the killer in his context, in addition to the many imitators who idolize him. Which leads to the next chapter of the saga.

Saw VII 3D by Kevin Greutert

The film begins with a scene that directly relates to it. Saw James Wang. But the script is not just a continuation of what happened in the first film, but an exploration of evil, guilt and fear.

Everything is shrouded in the idea that the killer is above the law, social norms and the search for justice, so he becomes an executioner according to his own twisted criteria. Especially when it was revealed that Dr. Gordon was Jigsaw’s first student. This completely changes the perspective on everything related to his participation in films and even his death.

Spiral: The Fear Game Continues Darren Lynn Bousman

Movie, like reboot and the sequel is actually an attempt to implement a conspiracy in the world Puzzle not counting the main character. But not only does he not achieve this, but he bears more than an obvious resemblance to David Hackl and his way of suggesting that there is a whole group of copycat killers John Kramer. A point that does not allow development and which, in fact, turns out to be the biggest obstacle to moving forward.

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