Failure Flash, has become one of the film world’s most critical moments in a year of box office disappointments. But also a demonstration of a disturbing phenomenon. DC Extended Universe, already dying after the announced reboot, demonstrated the root of all its problems. With a confusing script and mediocre graphics, Andres Muschietti’s film showed the depth of the saga’s problems. But what’s worse is that much of their production reflects the difficult situation of a long-term project.

However there is a partin the DC series, which remains far from the shortcomings and contradictions of its big screen version. The series section based on the publisher’s stories shows its best stories and even introduces new characters. On both streaming platforms and traditional television, stories based on their iconic figures have become audience favorites. Even those that are focused on Minor characters or obscure plots are part of this popularity phenomenon..

We leave you with five recommendations for TV series based on the DC universe that you may not have known about. From the story of the Wayne family’s loyal butler to the most charming team of anti-heroes. The selection covers a branch of publishing that undoubtedly remembers its best times. A showcase of what James Gunn and his team can achieve with their next projects..

Doom Patrol

DC series

Doom Patrol This is an example of how unusual superhero groups are the perfect bet in a tired genre. Based on characters who first appeared in the comic. My greatest adventureJune 1963, its characters are marginalized and dysfunctional. They all suffered as a result of injuries that gave them superhuman abilities., but also emotional and physical scars. This makes his goals, aspirations and hopes completely different from those of any other traditional heroic figure.

Led by a dangerous scientist Niles Calder (Timothy Dalton) robot man (Brendan Fraser) Negative person (Matt Bomer) and Elastica-Woman (April Bowlby) clumsily faces evil. They were joined by a mysterious Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), who is struggling with her past.

In fact, unlike other, more traditional figures, members Doom Patrol They struggle with personal trauma, identity, and emotional issues. Therefore, its plot deviates from the great cosmic confrontations, overcome difficulties and find purpose in life.


DC series

The premiere took place in 2021 Suicide Squad James Gunn, a cinematic rarity. Continuation and reboot of the failed Suicide Squad David Ayer has largely restored the story. Like the previous film, it took time to introduce a group of anti-heroes from the darkest parts of Washington. The most controversial figure was an almost unknown figure who first appeared in the comic. Fight 5 in November 1966 and that he came to the cinema retaining his worst features.

Peacemaker/Christopher Smith, played by John Cena, was violent, racist and misogynistic. Moreover, he assured that in order to achieve peace, he would not hesitate to kill every man, woman and child who stood in his way. Therefore, it was surprising that the director chose this character for the role in his first television project.

But Peacemaker It has proven to be one of DC’s most developed projects to date. The story of a man with a harsh past, tormented by guilt and seeking redemption, surprises with its satirical sense of humor. At the same time, for my sensitivity. In his latest chapter with a star-studded cameo, he made it clear that the path for the publisher’s cinematic universe could be a brilliant one.

Superman and Lois

DC series

During the call Arrowverse, the series showcases all the possibilities that the DC Multiverse has to offer. Specifically, how iconic characters can be given fresh, modern and moving new incarnations.

The argument is as follows Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) when they got married. After becoming parents, they move to Smallville (Kansas) with her two teenage children, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin). Thus follows the unknown side of the life of the last son Krypton: to be a father. The series shows how the couple balances an unusual life in which Clark He faces new villains and threats, and must also take care of his family.

With a strong focus on the domestic market, it shows superman from his most human trait. This allows the production to examine not only its many facets, but also its value as a symbol, allowing for a more introspective and emotional approach to the story.


DC series

Even the faithful Alfred from mythology Batman and his personal story take place in the world of DC series. PennyworthThe film is set in 1960s London and focuses on the early life and background of the Wayne family’s butler. Alfred (Jack Bannon) – former soldier Special Air Service (SAS), who after leaving the army creates a private security agency. He soon finds himself embroiled in a dangerous plot that threatens to plunge England into chaos.

The premise shows how the character forms bonds with Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), father Bruce Wayne (Batman)and the latter’s future mother, Martha Kane (Emma Paetz). How Alfred He becomes involved in the world of organized crime and corrupt political circles in London, becoming a key participant in the struggle for power.

Dark and adult in tone, the story has nothing to do with superheroes. But it also shows thatAlfred’s choice as guardian of Wayne’s legacy This was no coincidence. The most interesting moment of the dispute.


DC series

Broadcast from 2014 to 2019, Gotham It’s a rare twist in the world of Batman and what surrounds him. The plot tells about the life of a detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his efforts to root out corruption in the city’s police force. But as the story progresses, the origin stories of many characters are explored, such as Penguin, mystery, Catwoman, Two faces, Poison ivyamong the others.

At the same time it shows transformation Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) from a child traumatized by the death of his parents to a masked vigilante. Which allows us to delve deeper into the complex relationship between him and the butler. Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee)

One of the most interesting elements of the script is the detailed description of the city and its criminal underworld. Apart from the main characters, the focus of the story is Gotham. This makes the series a showcase of the scale that DC stories can achieve.


DC series

In its only season, the production reflected the sinister and cynical personality of the famous Konstantincomic book protagonist hell blazer. Played by Matt Ryan, a master of the occult and exorcist with psychic abilities, he became an unusual character for DC. Moreover, throughout the story he faces various supernatural enemies while battling his inner demons. Which completely alienates him from the usual editorial hero.

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With a mixture of individual cases and a main narrative arc involving Chas Chandler (Charles Halford), the plot is dark and violent. Much more so when a paranormal investigator joins the duo. Zed Martin (Angelica Zelaya). Together they will face supernatural beings and the forces of evil. Konstantin He strives to redeem himself and protect the world from hidden dangers.

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