Used by the Federal University (Rostov-on-Don), declared and is an economic material that allows efficient What is a catalyst for fuel cells? What is a primary, rechargeable battery? rey.

What happened in the UVA, a certain material in a sulfide environment, placed on a metal strip with the help of foam, a nickel base, when applied to it, allows a current to easily effectively split water into oxygen and hydrogen. This is a complex material, created in the most complex way.

It is most practical to use electrocatalysts based on platinum, as well as those based on pure metal; without metals, the price is very high. The bad thing is that these catalysts are not suitable for use on a chemical basis.

In the Russian Federation, catalyst materials are being supplemented.

The work of UFU specialists is very promising, since in the future it will be possible to practically replace all standard palladium catalysts, which are removed in a groove, with cup analogues of domestic production.

Source: Tech Cult

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