Part of the cinema of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century is marked by fighters. Different moments of the war, of greater or lesser historical significance, to recreate them for different purposes. The closest examples include World War II as one such focus. This tour featured other “minimalist” offerings compared to this historic event. These variants formed part of the imaginary references of those years. Inside them are Top: Pistol.

growth Top Shooter: Maverick impossible to understand without this first film. The sequel pays homage to that first movie. One that, in turn, recreates part of the cinema of the time: the war factor and the feeling of patriotism carried weight (especially within the American industry, which imposes preferences in terms of entertainment). In the case of Top Gun, this premise was not played out in front of a visible external enemy. But there was entertainment.

Jerry Bruckheimerproducer of both films, raised the first as an opportunity to recreate star Wars on the ground. Flights. Voltage. explosions. The film allowed the viewer to experience some of the adrenaline that an aviation pilot experiences when preparing for combat. maybe there is no other movie did something similar in those years. Its continuation Top Shooter: Maverick, not only paying homage to its traditions, it may also have paid homage to other works marked by aircraft. One of them might be Pearl Harbor.

Top Shooter: Maverick
and an impact you may not have seen

In 2001, Michael Bay presented Pearl Harbor. The film, which tells the story of the Japanese attack on this area of ​​the United States, one of the key events for the country’s entry into World War II, brought together several prominent actors. An ode to American patriotism that left behind three scenes in which, perhaps, Top Shooter: Maverick it could be inspired at key moments.

AT Pearl Harbor it is proposed that the pilots launch an attack on Japan in response to the Asian offensive. In this search, they must shorten the runway as much as possible. A millimeter more could mean death, mission failure. Lieutenant Colonel James “Jimmy” Doolittle takes one of the ships and shows the other pilots below him what he can do after they fail again and again.

This moment echoes two scenes from Top Shooter: Maverick. The first is when Pete Michell hijacks an army plane and, in order to regain his spot on the mission, proves that the plan can be completed in less time than expected. The second moment when Michell and Bradley Bradshowminterpreted Miles Teller, they steal a plane to escape from the base they attacked. How in Pearl Harbor, they must raise the ship ahead of schedule in order to survive. They make.

Last cut Top Shooter: Maverick also causes Pearl Harbor. Pete Michell flies on the ship he rides with Penny Benjamininterpreted Jennifer Connelly. A scene similar to the one proposed in another movie, but with Rafe McCauley in the shoes of Ben Affleck and Evelyn Johnson, the role of Kate Beckinsale, flying over the field.

Why can these similarities be established?

The structure of commercial films can resonate at different times and in different productions. This is mistake? No. Just a commercial and narrative decision that affects the viewer’s experience. On the other hand, there are past films as well, so that they can be reviewed and even influenced by future projects. Beyond preferences and tastes, this is something that comes naturally to the entire entertainment and consumer industry. These are times when the concept of originality is increasingly being favor of content that is drunk from various sources.

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