For ten years, Marvel releases were consistent with an actual release date. The only exception were films that took place in the past and in Guardians of the Galaxy. But after Avengers: Infinity Wareverything has changed. Thanos destroyed half the universe and Avengers: Endgame The heroes, led by Tony Stark, have to figure out how to turn the situation around. It was in the latter case that the Marvel Cinematic Universe made a five-year time jump. Therefore, according to the saga’s chronology, the Battle of Earth takes place today. October 17, 2023.

Avengers: Endgame hit theaters in 2019 and introduced everyone to the time period known as The Gap. After click ThanosHalf the planet disappeared, and the survivors had to try to rebuild their lives. For five years, the Avengers helped in any way they could, although some of them eventually disbanded. This is the case Tony Starkwho started a family in the forest with Pepper. When Ant-Man managed to get out of the quantum world and everyone came to their senses Hombre de Hierro To tell him about his plan to travel through time, he set only one condition. Not to lose anything of what he had achieved over those years.

Thus, superheroes traveled to different times and places to collect the Infinity Stones and bring missing people back to life. But Thanos from the past, the great Marvel villain has revealed his plan up to this point and traveled until 2023. Or rather until October 17th. That’s when he attacked the Avengers base and unleashed the most epic battle ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Mad Titan’s forces came to finish off the protagonists, who were completely cornered until the resurrected heroes arrived as reinforcements.

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This scene is already one of the most legendary in superhero movie history. But it ended very bittersweet. IN endless war, Doctor Strange He visualized all the possible futures and assured that out of the 14 million he saw, they would win only one. This alternative was considered lost after the initial hack ThanosBut Tony Stark He realized that in the bloody battle they were still playing this game. Thus, when the villain snatches the Jeweled Gauntlet, Hombre de Hierro attacks him. Thanos He easily shakes it off, but snaps his fingers and realizes that he no longer has the Jewels with him.

Nanotechnology Gloves and armor cutting They tore them off and put them on this one. Being human, and despite advanced technology, Tony He can barely hold that much power before he collapses. For this reason, he utters the same words with which he completed the journey that began in 2008. “I am iron man”, speaks. Then click your fingers and Thanos and his henchmen disappear. But as a consequence, he dies in an epic climax. Infinity Saga. October 17, 2023 will forever remain in the hearts of all fans. Interestingly, Marvel’s popularity has dropped significantly since then.

Will Tony Stark be able to return to Marvel?

Endgame Marvel Tony Stark

After Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has released a large number of films and TV series. But in none of them were the dead counted again. Tony Stark. He did not even appear in other realities of the multiverse. But this does not mean that the character Robert Downey Jr. I can’t go back for the last dance. The possibilities of the multiverse are now endless. The characters can visit any dimension that the company’s creatives come up with. So, for example, they combined versions Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield And Tom Holland. Also to Dead Pool and to Wolverine from Hugh Jackman in future Deadpool 3.

So it’s not at all far-fetched to think that Marvel might be planning to bring back Tony Stark in anticipation of events Avengers: Kahn Dynasty And Avengers: Secret Wars. In them, the heroes will need all the help they can get if they want to defeat all the options. Kang. AND Tony, as the most beloved and well-known hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could be a great help in completing the Multiverse saga. Even if it is from another dimension or even came from the past. Anything is possible in the future of the franchise.

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