Scientists found this Artificial intelligence Recreate a robot in just a few seconds. Something believed to be possible in the near future shows that as technology accelerates, innovation can also happen much faster than previously thought.

According to Northwestern University’s research titled ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, This artificial intelligence has the ability to create robots by crunching billions of pieces of information quickly and in real time.

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Through an algorithm, engineers have achieved that the new Artificial Intelligence will provide the necessary mechanisms so the employee will be able to walk.

“We discovered a very fast design algorithm powered by artificial intelligence that avoids evolutionary bottlenecks, without falling into the bias of human designers“Sam Kriegman, professor of computer science and mechanical engineering at Northwestern and leader of the study, said in a press release from the institution.

With a simple instruction: ‘Design a robot that can walk on a flat surface’, technology has brought to life a tiny 3D figure that can move its body at the speed of a human step On average.

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“We told AI we want a robot that can walk on Earth. Then we just press a button and that’s it! In the blink of an eye, he produced the blueprint for a robot unlike any other animal ever to walk the earth. I call this process ‘instant evolution’“The expert added.

In new trials after the instruction, Based on its most basic design, technology has produced a robot that can walk half of its body per second.

This little robot has a soft, slightly gelatinous and deformed structure and is made of inorganic materials, but its creators claim that its ability to react and evolve could be the beginning of a new phase as a tool created by artificial intelligence.

“When people look at this robot they may see a useless device, but I see the birth of a completely new organism.”Kriegman said in the statement.


Although it may seem like a simple piece at first glance, this prototype could mean a huge advance in terms of Artificial Intelligence. Unlike other systems that require powerful computing infrastructures and extensive data sets, This program works with basic equipment and creates unprecedented designs without relying on pre-existing knowledge.


Source: Exame

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