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7 serials that have been unfairly canceled in recent years and should continue


There are few things worse for a fan of a series than spending a lot of time on a series, identifying with a character, or knowing how the story ends, and some platforms decide (for us at least) often for no compelling reason. )), stop the broadcast.

All we want is another season, but bittersweet nostalgia left to us A popular series that ends very quickly.

And this kind sudden endings They do not satisfy the audience with a list of questions and are often reluctant to start a new question.

It’s happened before and it always will be, but it’s true that some of them have particularly touched our hearts because of how famous they are and what quality means. Even so, they were canceled or had to close the plot of their characters.

7 serials that have been canceled in recent years and should continue:

  • the future
  • sense8
  • OA
  • waste
  • Glare
  • E with Mom
  • Exposure

the future

the future

Matt Groening’s other animated comedy, Futurama, did not suffer the same fate as The Simpsons and suffered the misfortune of many. And so, while the first one hit a record 31 seasons (although it’s not what it used to be anymore), The always brilliant Futurama has passed away.

Following Fox’s decision to end the series after its fourth season in 2003, Futurama was resurrected as a direct-to-DVD movie quartet in 2008.

A new 16-episode season aired on Comedy Central, the show’s new home, and then returned for two more episodes before turning the lights off on Planet Express. for the last time in 2013.

The good news is coming now. After all these years, it looks like he’ll be back with a new 20-episode season to air on Hulu in 2023. Currently, Disney+ is hosting 10 seasons (although it was originally just 7).



Very ambitious at the beginning, Sense8 brought in a big enough following that fans were on their way to war when Netflix decided on it. It didn’t attract enough viewers to justify a third season.

While extensive fan campaigns and protests weren’t enough to win them another year, Netflix finally gave them a full-length finale to wrap up the story of the canceled series.

“It’s a pleasure to announce that there will be another two-hour special for me and Netflix next year. Thank you all. Now we’ll find out what happened to Wolfgang”, revealed the series’ co-creator, Lana Wachowski, in a letter to fans.

we could see here the power of the fandomit blew up social networks, but the series stayed there.

Both seasons are available on Netflix.

Disney Plus logo


OA 2


Originally announced as the new Stranger Things, The OA has slowly evolved on Netflix and has become one of the brightest series. Its first season had a large audience, and while that’s true, we are talking about a very fanatical nicheAfter all, it’s a somewhat small industry.

3 years later, and despite everything, it had a second season that reaffirmed what was already known. After that, the platform released the sad news that it canceled the series.

“Netflix can be mysterious at times, and they’re at a crucial moment right now when Disney+ and Apple are competing with their new TV service. So they’re starting to make shows that work better for themselves than for their fans.”“, the creators explained.

And that’s something we’ve already experienced on this very special platform trying to recover subscribers lost due to mismanagement.

You have 2 seasons shot on Netflix, we leave the link.



After 4 seasons, no, don’t wait for the fifth. The news was announced via the official Netflix Twitter account in February 2020, long before production of the fourth season began.

On the positive side, show creator Robia Rashid knew that the fourth season would be the last episode of the series. was able to do the last one decently (and a very moving final scene) accordingly.

No specific reason was given for the termination as Netflix rarely made a statement, but a few factors were noted for the platform’s ticketing of this much-loved series. Chief among these, cost-benefit included.

If we talk about the fifth season of an already exploited series, they feel that they have lost new subscribers, new titles and unexplored new horizons. Netflix usually puts a cap on specials in season two or three, and that would be no less.

All 4 seasons are on Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video




Fans of Netflix’s Glow series were greatly disappointed when they canceled the fourth and final season of the series last year due to the coronavirus.

Netflix, as it was known at the time, admitted that they have. “She made the tough decision not to do season 4 of GLOW because of COVID. It was especially difficult to shoot this drama in person with its amazing cast.”

Co-star Marc Maron has fueled the excitement of fans by suggesting that the best way to close the show is this. 2 hour movie A worthy ending to The Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling, although little has been heard of it since.

You can reach these 3 seasons from the link below.

E with Mom

E with Mom

While fans are hoping to see more seasons of the popular CBC/Netflix drama Anne with an E, series executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett has confirmed the news that the series will air in a new season. After 3 seasons, he will not be back in terms of Instagram posts.

This admitted he struggled to sustain the series and continue to create new seasons. While the adaptation of Anne of Green Gables got good reviews, the real answer is this: lack of a sufficient audience to cover the costs.

“We did our best. Art and commerce is never an easy marriage. I often find it incomprehensible. This is one of those times. But it’s impossible to argue with words like Economy, Algorithm, Demography.”The executive producer explained.

With all this, the current 3 seasons can be found on Netflix.



Pose Poster

The third season of Pose aired its final episode on Sunday, June 6, 2021, making it the last episode of the series before it was cancelled.

When news broke in March that the series would end after three seasons, co-creator Ryan Murphy said in a statement: “We have to tell exactly the story we want, how we want to tell it, and I’m incredibly honored and grateful.” However, it seems that at the beginning The series was designed for 6 seasons.

Some of the cast showed their sadness via social networks. It seems that the coronavirus also played tricks on this drama as it limited the footage too much and they thought the quality wasn’t what the fans deserved.

These 3 seasons are available on HBO Max.

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