The largest server provider Dell Technologies is finally leaving Russia. According to the company’s spokesman, Mike Simenas, the US corporation stopped all its operations in the country in mid-August and closed its offices.

Dell announced a work stoppage in Russia

“In mid-August, we closed our offices and stopped all operations in Russia,” Simenas is quoted as saying by Reuters. “In February, we made a decision not to sell, repair, or support products in the Russia, Belarus, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, in addition to the already imposed Crimean embargo.”

Earlier this week, CNews reported that Dell was leaving the Russian market. According to sources from the distribution market, the company is closing the sales office in Moscow, which employed about 50 people, and the development office in St. Petersburg, where about 400 specialists worked.

It is noted that the workers are fired by agreement of the parties, paying them eight to nine salaries. In addition, some employees are given equipment free of charge, paid a bonus, or left with VHI for the family until the end of the year.

Amid the news of Dell’s departure, Vasily Shpak, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that “most” of the US manufacturer’s employees have already received job offers from Russian companies “with competitive salaries”.

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