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Neither music nor lyrics: White noise podcasts are very effective, with some creators making 18,000 euros per month


We’ve had three of the worst years in decades, and the nightmare isn’t over with the Ukrainian occupation, inflation, chips and raw materials crisis still unresolved.

Anxiety and nerves are rising, so More and more people are having trouble sleeping or relaxing at night.

Relaxing sounds such as the roar of a storm, the waves of the sea or the sounds of the forest have traditionally been used. But now it’s sweeping white noise. For example this Youtube video, 8 hours of white noiseIt has 8 million views:



Search for “white noise” on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music or YouTube and you’ll find thousands of results.

But, what is white noise? That’s what it’s called a signal containing all frequencies and all showing the same strength. Equivalent to white light, but in sound.

The key feature is white noise masks loud tones like knocking on the door while sleeping, dog barking or car horn. It is also used to relax or concentrate.

For example, there is naturally produced white noise when traveling by plane, such as the sound of air conditioning or the noise of engines. But there are endless variations and Some work better than others, depending on the person.

The website Bloomberg interviewed a white noise creator who slightly changed the frequency of one of his voices and got messages from people saying that this small change was preventing them from sleeping, and they wanted to go back to the previous one.

Creating white noise that is effective for all types of people is not easy, so there are creators who work 8 hours a day and have teams of several people working on new types of white noise or experimenting with different modifications. It’s worth it because You can earn a lot of money with it.

they even have white noise machineswhat people use while sleeping:

Bloomberg tells the story of Todd Moore, who left his job at a security company in 2009 to focus on the “White Noise Sleep Sounds of Tmsoft” podcast.

Only available on Spotify about 50,000 listeners per dayand since advertisers pay him $12.25 per 1000 listeners, he earns approximately 612 dollars a dayequal 18,000 Euros per month. Because white noise cannot be interrupted by ads, ads only appear at the beginning and end of the content, not in between.

Most white noise creators choose to remain anonymous and not disclose the numbers. It’s a lucrative business and there aren’t many requirements to get into it. They don’t want competition.

But recording white noise and becoming a millionaire isn’t enough: you have to work 8 hours a day to create new content and variations that serve different kinds of people.

Source: Computer Hoy

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