Barbie, the pink phenomenon that revolutionized cinema last summer, is poised to reach every home via streaming. HBO Max confirms release date for film starring Margot Robbie It will be available in your directory. And it will happen very soon, which will be a great opportunity to see it at Christmas. Thus, the company hopes to continue its love affair with the director’s film. Greta Gerwig.

The film will hit theaters on July 20. And its appearance was an unprecedented milestone. He took advantage of the movement Barbenheimerfor which many viewers enjoyed the simultaneous premiere Barbie And Oppenheimer. Good reviews and impressive reviews did the rest. It’s currently the highest-grossing film of all of 2023, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can even come close to its numbers. Over $1.440 million, which allowed him to break countless records.

Among them is the fact that it is the first film directed by one woman to cross the 1 billion mark. But overall it is the highest-grossing worldwide premiere in Warner Bros. history. There is no person who has not seen or at least heard about the adventures of the Mattel doll and her inseparable Ken. The film will be talked about in the upcoming awards season. But first, it will allow everyone to enjoy it from the comfort of their home.

When he reaches Barbie on HBO Max?

Barbie premieres on HBO Max next December 15. Then all platform subscribers will be able to see it without additional payment and as many times as they want. More time has passed than Warner usually gives to its films before it goes online. But with such a highly profitable story at the box office, it was a logical move. Thus, in addition, the company ensures good performance during the Christmas season.

The film takes place in the fictional world of Barbieland. All Mattel dolls are there They live together in peace and harmony. There is President Barbie, a doctor, an astronaut, a mermaid… And, of course, the archetypal Barbie, the main character of the story. Next to them are all the Kens. And even some friends like Allan or Midge. Life is beautiful, the sun is shining brightly and every day is equally incredible. Until suddenly they stop being like that. One day a doll that was played Robbie You begin to discover that something is wrong.

Fleeting thoughts of death flash through his head. And his daily routine starts to go wrong. So Barbie must go on a journey to find out what’s wrong with her. An Odyssey that will take her into the real world. And besides, he will accidentally take his Ken, whom he plays, with him Ryan Gosling in a state of grace. The film is an acid comedy about modern society that brought laughter to all types of audiences.

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