We’ve talked so much about the uncertainty surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past few years that we’ve forgotten that there’s a new Blade movie coming out soon. However, it was also beset by problems. The production was initially unable to take off due to the pandemic and was later left without a director. After many obstacles along the way, Mahershala Alithe actor who will play Blade shared good news finally about the movie…

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ali stated that the film is still in development.. You may think that this is not relevant, but the reality is that there have been rumors of cancellation since last year Blade. There were even rumors that the leading man had jumped ship due to lack of progress and, apparently, because he had commitments to other productions.

“We are working on it. That’s the best I can tell you. I am very excited about the direction of the project. I think we’ll be back relatively soon.” [a trabajar Blade]”, commented Mahershala Ali.

Without a doubt, the actor’s words are encouraging to millions of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although he preferred not to push the dates forward, the fact that he knew that Blade is still alive, and the fact that they’ll be working on it again “soon” is great news.

Bladea film surrounded by problems

Blade was one of Marvel’s surprise announcements in 2019. But like many other feature films, it remained in development. support due to the health crisis that erupted in 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, we learned that Bassam Tariq will be the director, and Stacey Osei-Kuffour will be in charge of the script.

It wasn’t until Comic-Con 2022 that people led by Kevin Feige finally announced a release date. Blade: November 3, 2023. After this important announcement, everything went uphill for Blade.

In September 2022, just a few months after the aforementioned Comic-Con, Bassam Tariq left management Blade. The movement dropped like a bucket of cold water for Marvel as Blade Two months have passed since filming began.

What’s happened? Apparently, Tariq was unhappy with the constant changes in the production schedule. Blade. For this reason, he chose to resign his position. However, he remained attached to the project as an executive producer.

“Dear friends. Blade is a wonderful journey. Right now I’m just full of love and gratitude for the people at Marvel and the incredible cast and crew we’ve assembled. I can’t wait to continue supporting you. them and see how the next director “This is building something on the foundation that we laid. I will now join the project as an executive producer as it moves forward,” Tariq said at the time.

To the above it should be added that just a month ago Diversity It is reported that Marvel has ordered a complete reboot of the project Blade. That is, the script will be written from scratch and, perhaps, other creatives will be involved who can implement it.

The most worrying thing is that the film would have received a significant reduction in resourcesthis is the result of Disney’s new strategy to end big budgets in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and star Wars. So we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. Blade in the coming months. One thing is clear: they will not have the ambitions with which the project was born.

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