There are many things that money cannot buy. And these are the questions that matter the most. millionaires. One of them is youth. We may spend exorbitant amounts of money on creams and cosmetic surgeries, but age does not understand wealth or bank accounts. DNA and cells do not do this either, which, no matter how much we care about appearance, continue to age inexorably. This is why, for centuries and even thousands of years, the people with the most money have tried to fight nature in this regard. Today one of those people Brian JohnsonThe 46-year-old American businessman who proposed that his entire body be equivalent to a body young man 18 years old.

His plan is to go tissue by tissue and organ by organ: brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis and rectum. To do this, he started with diet and exercise regimen very specific, run by a select (and expensive) team of professionals in the industry. But this is not enough to get the body of a child.

To achieve the much sought-after eternal youth, he also tried a blood transfusion from her 17-year-old son, something that has long been practiced among millionaires, thanks to a rather controversial scientific study. So, according to what he himself revealed on X (old Twitter), some of his organs are already reaching their target age. And now it’s the turn of the penis. To do this, he also resorted to a non-new method; but, like blood transfusion, it has generated a lot of discussion in the scientific arena because of the possible risks it entails.

Blood transfusion for youth

In recent decades, it has been found that if an older mouse was injected with the blood of a younger one, it acquired traits showing reversal of aging

The mechanisms were not known, and it was not known for certain if this was just a coincidence. For this reason, another study was published in June 2022 aimed at a deeper analysis of the situation. For this, circulatory systems are connected two mice, young and older. It’s something known as heterochronic parabiosis and allows you to simultaneously evaluate the reaction of all tissues and organs when they receive an inoculation of youth in the form of foreign blood.

Having established the connection, the authors of the study published in Cell, isolated 164,000 cells from 7 different organs, within 5 years. Thus, they confirmed that those who are called hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. These are cells found in the bone marrow that can become any type of blood cell. It used to be thought that young stem cells replaced old ones when they were transfused, but a new study has shown that they actually renew themselves. That is, they are identicalbut they regress to an earlier state in order to continue to differentiate into the necessary cells.

Companies that took advantage of the situation

All of this has led to the belief that blood transfusion really works and has given wings to companies like Ambrosía, an American company that pays young people aged 18 to 25 for donating blood for transfusion to those millionaires who are looking for a source of eternal youth.

Brian Johnson He did not resort to Ambrosia or any such company, but his son was enough for him. A young man, 17 years old, donated blood, which he was carefully injected. But according to another study published in August 2022, shortly after the study CellYou didn’t need it.

Together with him, it was discovered that blood transfusion does nothing for older young people. But besides, if the circulatory systems were connected, as they were done with mice, the young man serious damage may be done.

How is penis rejuvenation performed?

Johnson has now decided to focus his attention on achieving the youth of his penis. For this he used shock wave therapy, in which sound waves are used to stimulate blood flow in the penis and thus improve erections. After all, this is due to the youth of the penis. More erections, longer lasting and better controlled.

This therapy is used in clinical practice for the treatment of cases vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. That is, one in which blood flow to the penis is narrowed, preventing an erection.

Even if it is shown this way, there are experts who advise not to do it because it has many side effects: bruising on the skin of the penis, hematoma, hematuria (blood in the urine), infection of the skin of the penis, painful erections… So, for people like Johnson who just want to achieve youthful organs, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

However, he insists that at the moment he has a better erection and greater sexual satisfaction. In addition “penis parameters”, according to him, they correspond to those of a much younger person.

We have yet to see where this millionaire will go with his obsession with youth. And it is clear that he is doing it wrong. It is true that significant progress has been made in anti-aging therapy, but the goal is not to be 18 or 20 again, but to continue aging as long as possible and in as much health as possible. This is the new elixir of eternal youth for which so many emperors and kings have given their fortunes and even their lives. Everything else remains legends, fantasies and unjustified health risks.

Source: Hiper Textual

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