Light year This will be the first Disney/Pixar film to feature a same-sex romantic scene, including a kiss. A scene that caused a huge amount of controversy and showed that quite large-scale homophobic policies continue in some countries. It is also the studio’s first feature film to feature an openly gay protagonist. O, Chris Evanswho plays the main character, gave his opinion.

“I think it’s wonderful. And you know, I’ve been asked this question several times. It’s amazing and it makes me really happy. But it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed that this is a topic for discussion. Light year be news for this reason. The goal is to get to the point where it becomes the norm, and it shouldn’t be weird. Over time, it should become clear that this is just the case. Fair representation is how we make films,” he explained in an interview with the publication. Diversity. “I am honored to be a part of something that is making these steps, but we need to look at these eras in the future and wonder how much it took to get to this point.”

In fact, the kiss between the two women – Alisha’s character and his wife – was originally cut from the final cut of the film. Light yearbut after widespread protests, serious internal conflicts within Disney, an apology from the company’s CEO Bob Chapek, and public statements of support for the LBQTQ+ community, the scene was restored.

The director of the film, Angus MacLaine, also talked about the kiss between Aisha’s character and her partner. Explanation in interview Entertainment Weekly that he was pleased with the support they received for the solution, but that “he had no idea how important it would be”.

Light year is a by-product toy story and tells the origin story Buzz Lightyear, a real astronaut behind a toy. Chris Evans took over from Tim Allen, who played the character in all previous films in the franchise. The film opens June 17 in theaters (almost) around the world. Don’t miss our review.

Source: Hiper Textual

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