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Android 13 is already available on some Google Pixels before rolling out to the entire Android ecosystem.


Android 13 is just around the corner and its official launch is expected to take place this fall with all the news it will bring. Even though this new version of the Google operating system will be loaded with significant improvements, the truth is that some of all the elements that will complement this new version of the Google operating system are still unknown.

However, there are only a few months left, and today we learned that The new version of Android is already starting to roll out on select Pixel phones.

“All supported Pixel devices running Android 12 will receive the Android 13 software update this month, rolling out to most users today. Distribution will continue over the next few weeks depending on the carrier. Users will be notified once after the OTA. available for your device”, they explain.

To highlight a very important aspect, only Pixels released at the end of 2019 will receive the update, which then includes the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a.


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If you’re one of the lucky ones, 9to5google says that if you want to install Android 13 on your Google Pixel, the easiest thing to do is use the system’s built-in update tool, as you’ll probably have it available.

They note that in general, although the update will be downloaded and installed on the device within a few hours, you may have to wait up to a few days. The reason is that the update is installed in the background when the phone is turned on and applied after reboot.

Apart from the new features that this update brings, the software includes many fixes.

The latest beta versions of Android 13 have been followed by a large number of releases that have fixed one bug after another, so it’s no surprise that this version proves to be strong enough for the rest of the devices. At the moment, it remains only to wait and see the reaction of the first who will try.

Source: Computer Hoy

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