Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was one of the most anticipated Marvel films of 2022, but the result was disappointing. Sam Raimi’s proposal didn’t deliver the experience fans were expecting, not even a cameo and fan service They saved her. Actually, Patrick Stewart He referred to his brief involvement in the film and described the filming as Doctor Strange 2 How “disappointing and disappointing”.

The famous British actor made this brutal statement during a recent podcast appearance. Happy Sad Confused Josh Horowitz. Patrick Stewart admitted that filming his scene involving the Illuminati was challenging, especially because of the context in which it took place.

If you don’t remember, Stewart appears in Doctor Strange 2 as a variant of Professor X of Earth-838. Next to it you can see John Krasinski like Reed Richards Hayley Atwell like Captain Carter Lashana Lynch like Maria Rambeau and Anson Mount Like Black Bolt. Added to them Chiwetel Ejiofor as an alternate version of Karl Mordo imprisoning Stephen Strange.

Illuminati scene in Doctor Strange 2 This caused great controversy due to the outcome of the characters killed by Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). However, Patrick Stewart especially did not like the way the professor but the conditions in which the scene was filmed.

According to the artist, all performers recorded their parts separately and then reunited with the help of visual effects. “I was alone. I think on the big stage [en referencia a los Illuminati] all the main actors had the same experience. All of them were recorded separately. It was unpleasant and disappointing.. “That’s what the last few years have been like: challenging,” Patrick Stewart explained.

Patrick Stewart and the difficulties of filming Doctor Strange 2 in a pandemic

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What Patrick Stewart means when he mentions that the Illuminati scene was recorded with all the actors separately is how Doctor Strange 2 I had to start producing it. Let’s remember that filming of Sam Raimi’s film began at the end of 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, Marvel was forced to delay the start of filming by almost 6 months due to coronavirus restrictions. Additionally, with principal photography taking place in London, the COVID-19 outbreak forced production to be suspended in the early days of 2021. Added to this is insulation. Benedict Cumberbatch for close contact with a member of the production team who gave a false positive result during testing.

But back to Patrick Stewart, in the same interview with Josh Horowitz, he once again excited fans with his return to the role of Charles Xavier. This time hand in hand with Deadpool 3. When asked if Hugh Jackman’s cast as Wolverine could bring him back to his old role as leader of the X-Men, the actor neither confirmed nor ruled it out. However, his words gave way to expectations.

“[El asunto] appeared. A process has taken place. But the last two or three years have been so difficult with labor problems. [por las huelgas de actores y guionistas]health issues and COVID,” said Patrick Stewart about a possible appearance in the next installment of the series. Dead Pool. Let’s not forget that there have been rumors that his presence is even close to Ian McKellen’s in his possible return as Magneto.

If it finally happens, let’s hope it’s an experience for the talented 83-year-old actor be less traumatic how Doctor Strange 2. Although it wouldn’t be surprising if, for parody reasons, his character ends up dead, like so many times before.

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