Marvel has confirmed that the series Daredevil Netflix is ​​part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.. The company’s producer said the three seasons, which aired from 2015 to 2018, take place in the Sacred Timeline, the line that gives life to the MCU.

In an interview with On-screen rantexecutive producer Threw it awayBrad Winderbaum has revealed more details about Matt Murdock’s return. Winderbaum has solved one of the mysteries that has haunted Daredevil fans for years: Where in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Netflix series located?

Manufacturer Threw it away stated that they are cautious about what content belongs in the Sacred Timeline and what does not. Daredevil and other Netflix series were created not by Marvel Studios, but by Marvel Television, a division headed by Jeph Loeb. With Kevin Feige’s promotion to creative director and head of the entire MCU in 2019, Loeb left the company and his work became non-canonical.

“This was another part of the company that developed material for Netflix. We knew what they were doing, they knew what we were doing, but we still had a lot to balance,” Winderbaum said. “But now that some time has passed and we see how well the stories are integrated, I think that I personally, Brad Winderbaum, could confidently say that this is part of the Sacred Timeline.”

Producer Statements Threw it away have not been officially approved by Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige and company will probably take a quiet look at the material. The head honcho of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never confirmed or denied the show’s canonicity.

What does it mean that the series Daredevil for Netflix to become canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Confirmation that Daredevil since Netflix is ​​part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, this means that Marvel Studios could build on the stories that developed over three seasons.. The series is one of Marvel’s best works on television and many fans have been asking for a sequel for a long time.

The return of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio to their roles was the first step. D’Onofrio himself stated in an interview that The Kingpin he played in Hawkeye was the same character he played in Daredevil. In contrast, Cox was convinced he would never don a superhero costume again and told D’Onofrio that he would have to put the idea of ​​a possible comeback behind him.

Another clue about the decision to make the series canon is contained in the description of the first episode of the series. Daredevil: Born Again from the US Copyright Office. The last line mentions the word “reintroduces,” which means we’ll see a summary of what happened on Netflix.

Marvel Studios Presents Daredevil in which old rivals Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) try to leave their dark alteregos behind to serve the people of New York, only for their past to catch up with them. In the first episode of the series, we are reintroduced to the world of Daredevil.

As long as the fans are happy someone who disapproves of Disney’s actions is Steven DeKnight, showrunner from the first season Daredevil. A few months ago, DeKnight said that changing the name of the series was an old Disney scam to nullify the terms of the contract.

Steven DeKnight understands that he will not receive any compensation because this is a “new series”, although the actors are the same.

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