Nowadays, streaming platforms are the best place for movie and series lovers. Not just because it’s a way to easily enjoy the big releases, and in some cases the latest ones featured on billboards. Also, because different directories can include all kinds of quality content in increasingly vast collections. The result is a specialized service. for anyone interested in finding the best options on the small and big screen without any effort other than a mouse click.

But this ease also has a dark side. Namely: a huge and constantly growing number of options complicates the choice for the subscriber. Especially on platforms with the largest age or number of movie and TV files at their disposal. And this is not to mention the originals or any materials found in online services in the best showcase.

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This is the case with Star+ with its large selection of films and, especially, its advantage of making the best of modern cinema accessible to fans. And that’s thanks to Disney’s licenses and intellectual property. In order not to get lost among the ever-growing offer, we leave you with the best TV series and films that you can watch right now on the platform. From a recent serialized classic to a film that ultimately received the recognition it didn’t get in theaters. The selection is the best you can find right now in one of the best catalogs on current platforms.


no one can save you

Brian Duffield’s film is a premise that, at first glance, seems impossible. It’s a film of horror and suspense with no dialogue, but within an hour or so it manages to tell a terrifying story. This is the maximum use of cinematic resources for the only performance of actress Kaitlyn Dever (whom we will see in Last of us), support the argument. As a result no one can save you This is not just a successful experiment. At the same time, it’s a fresh and solid offering that avoids the common clichés of its style’s stories and tells a terrifying tale.

Brynn (Dever) has a troubled past and lives isolated from the rest of the town where she lives. So when the apocalyptic scenario starts, you will have to face it using your limited resources. Halfway between Home Invasion and a terrifying take on science fiction, the film combines all kinds of modern paranoia into the same setting. This makes it one of the best options you can find on Star+ right now.

Hunting in Venice

(Left to Right): Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot and Tina Fey as Ariadne Oliver in 20th Century Studios’ The Haunting of Venice. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studio. © 2023 20th Century Studios. All rights reserved.

Director Kenneth Branagh correctly and efficiently carries out an interesting edition of the novels of the British writer Agatha Christie.. The result is a universe that is becoming increasingly dense and has seen one of its most interesting developments in the past year. Hunting in Venice It’s much more than an adaptation of one of the author’s lesser-known novels to which it pays homage. At the same time, it’s a gothic-themed tour of a historic Italian city that quickly turns into a ghostly setting.

The result is a film that combines suspense and horror with an intelligent take on the detective story. This time Hercule Poirot (Branagh) will have to face not only a brilliant killer. At the same time, one’s own fears and beliefs about the inexplicable. Ultimately, the film avoids answering its best questions. This leaves the most difficult parts in the realm of mystery. The most intriguing element of this curious work.

Boogeyman: Your fear is real

Director Rob Savage took one conversation from a Stephen King story and turned it into a terrifying version of primal fears. But far more than the fear of the dark, it explores the grief that can leave behind, an unresolved trauma. What begins with a consultation with a psychiatrist recounting the crime soon becomes a terrifying experience for the entire family.

Boogeyman: Your fear is real He easily sidesteps the clichés of style debate to reflect on what causes emotional pain. Beyond that, it manages to turn the horror premise into something deeper. This makes it one of the best films Star+ has to offer right now.

Boston Strangler

The story of one of the most feared serial killers in North American police history in 2023 has become a tense thriller with a hint of psychological research. But also in a snapshot of gender bias. Everything turned into a gloomy and pessimistic scenario about the state of humanity. Director Matt Raskin added historical data and made the film an eloquent look at crime as a social phenomenon.

Based on true events, the plot tells how journalist Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley) managed to discover a connection between a series of murders. But what seems like a feat of deduction turns into a nightmare when no one wants to give their research credit. Despite this, the character will persist until he proves his point and moves the police investigation to a new location.


Damien Chazelle dared to make this monumental critique of the so-called Hollywood star system in an epic tone that didn’t go over too well. In fact, the film, with its three-hour duration, was considered very long, complex and pointless. Even with over-the-top ambitions that its script can’t quite live up to. For what happened without pain and glory in cinemas.

But when it came to streaming, it became a sensation. Perhaps if we had more time and could more easily analyze the many layers of messages and symbols, Babylon surprised – now – the critics. It has also found a devoted audience who consider it one of the best cinematic films of the century. Now you too can express your opinion about it thanks to Star+.



Carmi creates the menu for the second season of

With two perfect seasons, Bear He turned the kitchen into a stage to immerse himself in destructive feelings and existential suffering. This, despite careful cinematography, takes up the space of ovens and pans, chronicle the bustling daily life of a small Chicago restaurant.

But Bear Culinary-wise, it’s much more than a drama (though the Golden Globes insist on calling it a comedy). Additionally, he examines grief, death, and devastating suicide with a sensitivity that is both moving and touching. In the second part, released last year, the scenario expands and takes the heroes to new frontiers and challenges. However, behind the noise of plates and cutlery, the series continues to tell the secrets of its heroes with deep humanity.

Death and other mysteries

Procedurals that play with evidence and the possibility of identifying the culprit never go out of style. Especially if it’s a complex mystery that must be solved by two brilliant but incompatible minds. Imogen (Violet Beane) is on a luxury cruise and finds herself a witness—and suspect—in an impossible crime. So, Rufus (Mandy Patinkin), The one who was once the best detective in the world will have to help him discover the criminal.

But there is nothing simple about this game of cat and mouse with sinister overtones. Imogen and Rufus share a previous unsolved crime. Plus mutual antipathy. But even so, they will have to face everything to find out who the criminal is hiding among the group of pampered passengers. A seemingly trivial premise that Death and Other Mysteries examines carefully and tastefully.

Only murders in the building

Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) are three neighbors of an old house who have nothing in common except their obsession with animals. true crime. So when a murder occurs, they will join forces to find the culprit. Only murders in the building It’s like a typical plot of amateur detectives who find themselves in the middle of a dangerous scene.

But the actors have so much charisma and chemistry with each other that the series moves into new areas of humor with creepy touches. And this is from scene to scene, in the middle of an increasingly complex plot.

The series, which has three seasons and a fourth in production, is the best example of reimagining the great procedural films of the eighties. It’s a treat for fans and nostalgists alike.

A Little Light: The Defense of Anne Frank

The story of the woman who risked her life for the family of the tragic Anne Frank becomes a story of hope and faith in this eight-part miniseries. Miep Gies (Bel Powley) will face Nazi occupation and possible death to protect the Franks. But more than that, counter terrorism within your capabilities.

He will achieve this halfway, but even so, his courage and courage are part of the hidden chronicle of all Dutch citizens who resisted the Third Reich. The visual section transforms Amsterdam in the middle of World War II into a grim setting. A Little Light: The Defense of Anne Frank Remember the importance of individual value. The most emotional and most achieved moment of the script.


Manuel (Luis Brandoni) is the epitome of cosmopolitan, millennial Buenos Aires. Also, a cheapskate who has to face major changes in his life at a time when he didn’t want anything. But little by little this man, with his vast knowledge of good food and art, will discover that life can be simple. And in this simplicity lies the secret of happiness.

subscribe to Star+ and you will have access to the best TV series and exclusive films How Stranger, Simpson, X-Men And the walking Dead. Includes local production Star originals And all sports from espnlike La Liga, Champions League or NBA.

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Star+ is only available in Latin America

With a delightful screenplay and sophisticated humor, Nada is the best option for an entertaining marathon that will leave a smile on your face. And best of all, Manuel – with his great penchant for sensual pleasures – would find him truly charming.

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