In 1975, writer James Clavell surprised the literary world with his exploration of medieval Japan. Novel, Shogun, which told the complex political scenario in Asia in the late 17th century through the eyes of a Westerner. At the same time, through a tragic love story, it explored the cultural pressures on women at the time. The result is a complex plot immersed in an exotic geopolitical setting.

Shogun“, the second fiction adaptation, explores the same story in ten chapters. Only this time, unlike its predecessor released in 1980, it focuses on the political scene, relegating the romantic scene to the background. The result is an argument detailing how influence was understood in Japan. In particular, in the way different fiefdoms fought each other in a bitter struggle for dominance in the country. This is also done by showing what happens in the various courts and how the members of each one work. And all this through intrigue, violence, and sometimes murder.

Shogun is a new Disney+ series that takes you back to feudal Japan.

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But the main conflict of the story is related to a specific event. The rise to power of the shogunate by daimyo Toranaga (fictitious name of the real-life character Tokugawa Ieyasu). This is from the point of view of English sailor John Blackthorn (Cosmo Jarvis). Both the novel and the Disney+ series focus on everything that happened as the region became a hotbed of manipulation. Especially with different factions vying for control.

Shogunate’s versionShogun

CR: Katie Yu/FX

To understand the scope of Shannon Goss, Rachel Condo, Matt Lambert, and Justin Marks’ script, it’s first necessary to examine their point of view. In James Clavell’s novel, the central conflict deepens into the competition between various samurai families and other close nobles for leadership of the country. This is also an important element in the series. But in the Disney+ production, instead of just telling it in context, The plot is deepened as an important historical fact to understand what will happen.

Shogun tells how fiefdoms struggled to survive a period of often brutal change. Therefore, he spends a lot of time showing the behind-the-scenes activities of the regency council surrounding the heir Taiko. A child who, due to his age, was incapable of driving. The group consists of influential children and relatives who are trying to gain power until the little one reaches the age required to sit on the throne. This puts Yoshi Toranaga (Hiroyuki Sanada) in the middle of a fight to be recognized as a leader. This last character, who has enormous political weight, is part of a long dynasty of shoguns.

In the series, as in the book, the figure represents the pressure behind the throne. This is a real fact that various shoguns had to face. The Disney+ production shows a realistic version of how shogunates often had to maintain a political pulse among themselves. It’s not entirely clear how the plot develops. Will Toranaga want to be the main shogun of the country or will he limit himself to fulfilling the wishes of the deceased leader?

Threads of Political Power in Shogun

CR: Katie Yu/FX

Something that happened during Tokugawa Ieyasu’s accession to the throne. This one, from the samurai caste, was an ideal candidate to fight for the interests of the territory. Moreover, as explained in the series, Catholicism came to Japan. This caused the emergence of a third front of forces with which to maneuver. In general, the story of the Shogun tells the same details and Additionally, it offers valuable historical context that thoroughly delves into the plot.

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The series is also an exploration of the culture and lifestyle of the shogunates. The so-called bakufu was a strategic and military government whose purpose was to protect Japan from the rest of the world. This forced them to maintain a boundary system, which was also linked to the control of the central leader. A panorama that the series tells from the most interesting points.

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