Fantasy is often indirectly or directly related to children. After all, the origins of some of his most famous stories are directly related to the world of children. Fairy tales, humorous oral histories, and even some mythological stories combine naivety and adventure. Anything that purports to give a moral or edifying message which usually includes naive symbols that allow better and faster understanding.

As the centuries passed, the genre left behind its uplifting and moralistic roots, allowing the idea of ​​the fantastic as part of human life to be scrutinized. A whole generation of fictional stories took the idea of ​​wondrous worlds to a new level. Which allowed the genre to become more complex.

In addition, we reach a new complexity, more related to the world of adults than to the world of children. Which ultimately provided an unprecedented dimension to fantasy as a means for harsher and even sometimes cruel narratives.

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These days, the big and small screens, in addition to streaming, have made fantasy a mature way to delve into various themes and themes. We leave you with five series of this genre that you can watch right now on Star+ and none of them are for children. From a historical chronicle of the mysteries of medieval Europe to the children of a serial killer with the ability to hunt demons. A journey through the most complex and strange stories that can also delve into the darkest dimension of human beings.


This series, consisting of three seasons and 27 episodes, tells the story of the Roman invasion of the Celtic lands of Britain. But beyond the historical journey, the series focuses on an immersive dimension. Men and women with the ability to summon invisible beings and menacing creatures. That in the context of a full-scale attack by a known military force because of its destructive ability, and its purpose was the destruction of ancient forests.

The action takes place in 43 AD. WITH., Britannia devotes time and interest to exploring the dark stories of the event that marked Europe. Rome, determined to extend its dominance even to the wildest regions of the continent, is a formidable enemy.

At the same time, he is difficult to defeat. So the mighty Celtic warriors and druids will have to join forces. This is so that weapons and magic act as a shield against the cruelty of the enemy. And while the end of the historical battle is a well-known fact, the Star+ series turns the fall of the mysterious Celtic Empire into a work of sublime beauty. Highest point of production.

golden spoon

Lee Seung Jung (Yook Sung Jae) is a poor boy who strives to fight to provide a comfortable life for his family. What you can’t imagine is that In addition, thanks to his perseverance in studies and work, the world of the supernatural will help him.

That is, when you find a golden spoon with a unique and strange property. This is changing his place in the world to that of Hwang Tae Young (Lee Jong Won), his closest friend and a member of a wealthy family.

What may appear to be a comedy becomes an increasingly unique drama as both characters discover difficulties and wounds in their lives. Moreover, money is not the only way (or even the only) to find satisfaction and success. The idea of ​​the Golden Spoon may seem moralistic due to its view of power and influence. But in fact, he has a very human vision of shortcomings. All of the above in a strange fantasy setting.


Across three seasons and 33 episodes, Kdabra demonstrates that magic can be the perfect place to analyze trauma and pain from a fantastical perspective. Luca (Christopher Uckermann) is a wizard who actually does magic. A prospect that may seem humorous until it is added that the young man can at the same time see the future. This forces him to try not only to understand – and control – his powers, one way or another – but strive to admit that fate is not written.

A difficult element when it is obvious that their forecasts are correct in many cases more than they are wrong. What will force him to look for a safe place where he is not tormented by constant visions and premonitions. At the same time, he promises himself not to use magic anymore, if this makes possible the spiritual peace he seeks.

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But all his intentions will go to waste when he arrives in the town of El Silencio. There awaits him not only the opportunity to restore peace in his life, but also to save humanity. And lastly, if you are able to overcome your fears, pains and traumas. A whole history of development with fantastic elements for fans of the genre.


Heroes with extraordinary powers have spawned some of the most popular stories of the last decade. But his most human, sensitive and vulnerable side is rarely explored. Something that a South Korean series does Moving and this makes it a curious exploration of responsibility for our actions. At the same time, a fascinating origin story for a trio of fantastic characters.

Based webmoon The story, named after Kang Ful, follows three teenagers who individually discover that they have unexplained powers. Things get a little worse when a mysterious organization starts hunting them. This will force them to hide not only their identity, but also their abilities.

More subtle than a superhero story Moving It focuses on the doubts and confusion of its characters. At the same time, their perception of good and evil are ideas that are confusing in most cases. This gives the series an air of spiritual exploration that quickly becomes its best element.


Diamon (Tom Austen) and Ana (Sydney Lemmon) are the children of a serial killer. Perhaps because of this, or to console a difficult family history, they both dedicated themselves to trying to atone for the evil in the world. But not in a figurative or symbolic sense. Boys have the ability to hunt dark creatures and stop them from becoming a threat to the world.

But what starts out as a benign mission soon turns into a terrifying adventure as the brothers must battle unexplained creatures. Many of them are ready not only to harm them, but also to take advantage of their worst traits and hidden inclinations. A curious twist that affects growth from a sinister point of view.

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