New movie trailer Deadpool and Wolverine (Deadpool and Wolverine) has finally confirmed who the film’s main villain will be. The trailer, released just three months before the film’s release, confirmed fan theories pointing to Cassandra Nova. Marvel hasn’t officially announced it, but there have been rumors that Emma Corrin would give life to the antagonist. The character’s bald neck was even briefly seen in the first preview of the film that aired during the last Super Bowl.

Now it has finally been seen in action. In the trailer Deadpool and Wolverine, Cassandra Nova seems to be fighting against Logan. Character Hugh Jackman He makes several attacks with sharp adamantium claws. But the villain manages to stop them using only his mental abilities. In fact, he is able to control all of the veteran superhero’s movements without even touching him.

And it turns out that Cassandra Nova It’s actually very X-Men related. So much so that she’s kind of the evil twin sister Charles Xavier. This demonic counterpart Professor shares DNA with him. Her true nature in the comics is Mummudray. This means that it is a parasitic life form that exists only on the astral plane. Moreover, this creature is associated with man. But the case in question is completely unique, since this man is one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.

Long before the events Deadpool and Wolverine, Cassandra Nova common uterus with Charles Xavier. And given his gigantic potential, she was able to create her own body, materializing in the real world with the same genetic component as the leader of the X-Men. But the fruit Professor She felt the presence of evil and, while still in the womb, fought against it and caused an abortion. Cassandra Nova she was born dead on the physical plane. But because he had the same abilities as his brother, he was able to gradually develop a mass of cells that became his new resurrected body.

Deadpool and Wolverine

Cassandra Nova’s Plan Deadpool and Wolverine

In comics Cassandra Nova He has a very clear plan. He wants revenge Charles Xavier for what he did to her before she was born. And for this he has not only the powers of his brother, but also all those that he can potentially develop at some point. Telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, body takeover, astral projection, creating mental illusions, DNA manipulation… These abilities make her one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe.

IN Deadpool and Wolverine It is still not entirely clear what he intends to do. However, as seen in both trailers, Cassandra Nova I would be trapped in the Void. This dimension, located at the end of time, is the “garbage bin” into which the ABT sends all options and elements that put the Sacred Timeline at risk. At this point, the villainess appears to be leading a small army of renegades. Perhaps she intends to take revenge on the AVT for locking her there, which poses a real threat to the stability of the entire multiverse. Only Wade And Logan They can stop this.

Deadpool and Wolverine opens in theaters July 25.

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