when did it premiere Dark (2017-2020) on Netflix, the most captivating series that the streaming platform has given us. streaming So far there have been those who have been willing to insist that its resemblance to weird things (since 2016) they detract from his own essence and originality. Complete nonsense, of course. Because the story invented by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese actually has little to do with the story of the Duffer brothers, and its narrative complexity is infinitely higher.

But this, of course, cannot prevent one from reminding us of the other some details. Young protagonists which are included in puzzles fantastic, violent and fantastic, hiding their little forest towns of Winden and Hawkins; missing unexpectedly for some children, Mikkel Nielsen and Will Byers; the efforts of their families to restore them and their position in eighties 20th century, or at least partially Dark.

Nonetheless, weird things it is more priestly and monstrous or stylistically Lovecraftian, its tone does not skimp on a sense of humor, and the plot is not as intricate as in German fiction, which is more sharp and serious. And, of course, the terrible Inverted World as a parallel dimension of one does not find a possible reflection in the temporal variations of the other. Despite this, something else in the fourth season about Eleven and company.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Young victims of two systematic killers in “Dark” and “Stranger Things”

The main mystery at the new stage weird things which the Duffer brothers developed for the Hawkins teenagers, focuses on murders committed a powerful being that our beloved Dustin Henderson and Eddie Munson nicknamed neighbor. And in episode seven, we learn that it’s about who Henry Creel once was to his family, and later Odin in Dr. Martin Brenner’s lab. But Eleven sent him to the Upside Down World, from where he operates now.

Children such as Chrissy Cunningham and Fred Benson become its victims, and then we learn that the greats Max Mayfield and Nancy Wheeler are also in danger. On the other hand, in the first season Darkthey tell us that the disturbing item is called Noah devoted himself to kidnapping children with the help of deranged Helge Doppler test the machine that kills themas Mads, brother of Ulrich Nielsen, Eric Obendorf and Jasin Friese.

Opening interdimensional portals through death

stranger things similar to dark duff brothers netflix

killer neighbor open portals between a formidable dimension weird things and the people at each crime scene are likely to invade all at once or even overlap each other. And the server Sic Mundus, whose birth name is Hanno Tauber and who was born in 1904 and Winden’s current is 2019, is looking for time travel at your whim with said device, i.e. open time portals wherever and whenever you want.

To clarify this coincidence, we will refer to the words of Dr. Emmett Brown in the trilogy Return to the future (1985-1990) about what the fourth dimension is. In addition, according to the theory of the aforementioned Dustin Henderson, the villain of the Upside Down World Serve the Mind Flayerand another scoundrel, who, to crown it all, pretends to be a Catholic priest, follow the instructions of the schemer Adamwho is none other than the leading man Jonas Kahnwald in old age.

However, the decisive difference between the behavior of Vecna ​​and Noah may lie in the fact that killing the one in Hawkins tool for opening portals and, instead, those children of Winden, undesirable consequence temporary experiments. But, in any case, we don’t know if the Duffer brothers have noticed the new similarity that is in their wonderful series with a gripping storyline. Dark.

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