First episodes of the third season Bridgertons, became an immediate success for Netflix. And there are many reasons. The story of Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton) is not only loved by fans. It’s also a massive celebration of the show’s best themes. From a tragic romance that became a test of will and a search for redemption, to a good idea about destined love. There’s nothing missing from this new season, which suggests that its conclusion—premiering June 13—will be epic and mark a “before” and “after” on the series.

But while that’s happening, here’s a chance to take a look at the best of period drama, which has seen a major boom in recent years. Reimaginings and increasingly daring stories about iconic eras have not only become a traditional favorite of a captive audience, but have also become an enjoyable experience for a large portion of the audience. It is also an offering of enormous quality, combining carefully crafted scripts with complex plots, many of which are based on the genre’s most popular books.

To prove it, we leave you with five historical drama series that you can watch right now if you like. Bridgertons. From a tour of Victorian London that will amaze you with the level of detail, to a story that is emblematic of the great productions of the time. And all this to explore a story that is already part of the best of today’s big and small screen.

Belgravia (Movistar+)

With one season and six episodes, the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Julian Fellowes – yes, the creator Downton Abbey – perfect for fans of Victorian dramas. And not just because it depicts 19th-century London with such detail and care that it will delight those fascinated by the era and its conflicts. Moreover, as it explores English high society during the social changes and cultural transformations that will change the country forever.

From the secrets of the political hierarchy and the House of Lords to all sorts of intrigues around the conservative court of England. The series explores the influence caused by the rise of the so-called new rich to the points of greatest power in English life. What led to direct confrontation with the most elite spaces in the midst of the rapid evolution of the aristocracy as it had been known until now.

But of course, BelgraviaIt is also a melodrama that pays tribute to the timeless tradition of misunderstandings, unfair loves and dramas of pure suffering from which it emerged. Thus, the plot will follow a bourgeois family trying to find its place in a more dynamic and, presumably, more democratic society. If you like this point of view, you can now watch all episodes of the series on Movistar+.

The Great (MGM+)

Across three seasons and 30 episodes, the story of Russia’s Catherine II (played by the charming Elle Fanning) is astounding. Not only because the production devotes time, effort and imagination to reimagining the Russian court – in all its richness and baroque beauty – with modern elements. At the same time to tell the story Empress from a new perspective, making it more complex and complex than one might expect.

The result was a work that captured the unknown youth of the monarch and captured in it all the lightness and joy of the early years of a figure known for his powerful carnal appetites. But beyond scandals, power and the demands of the crown, Fanning’s Catherine is a brilliant young woman seeking her place in her country’s history.

What will she achieve when she becomes more aware of her strengths and resists everything that somehow tries to limit her. It gives the story—and his character—an impetuous, courageous, and full of vitality that is exhilarating.

Dickinson (Apple TV+)

Also, the three-season story of the famous American poet’s youth represents a new, vibrant and revolutionary look at talent. Played by Hailee Steinfeld (from Hawkeye ), Emily, who emerges from the plot, is a woman full of ideas, in constant search of stimulation, clearly knowing something. You want to write. Do this every day of your life and find a way to make your ability to dream through words a goal for the future.

This may seem like an idealistic and juvenile premise until the series explores all the artistic and intellectual limitations that women of their time had to suffer from. Moreover, the way society seemed to be structured to prevent women’s talents from expressing themselves. But Emily is determined to make it happen and will face whatever it takes to get there.. If you want to watch the reimagining of a classic figure in American poetry, you can do so now on Apple TV+.

Golden Age (Max)

Yeah Belgraviadepicts 19th century London, The Gilded Age does the same with New York. Which gives the production – one of the most expensive and elegant on HBO – a whole backdrop that goes beyond melodrama. There’s a lot of this. But in this case there is also a careful portrait of the arrival of the bourgeoisie in North America is marked by classism and an elite with English roots.

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Little by little, industrialists and businessmen must find a place for themselves among the aristocratic heirs. This will lead to a social and cultural battle that will be astonishing in its waste of luxury and basic views on democracy and the advent of economic freedom. But of course, this is also a drama with romantic overtones, so there are couples who cheat on each other, betrayals and lies.

Only two seasons and 17 episodes. Golden ageIt’s a clever exercise in using time as context for greater drama. If you’re interested, you can watch the production now on Max.

Downton Abbey (Prime Video)

The chapter of all modern small screen dramas, including film sagas, is a delightful and charming work. Julian Fellowes’ masterpiece not only depicts early 20th century English society with goodness and the best expressions of the genre. Additionally, he dedicates time, effort, and elegance to delving into class struggle, political change, and an exquisite look at love in difficult decades.

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With six seasons and one of the best voice-overs on television, the series is a good example of everything the historical genre has to offer. With the start of production of the third film in the franchise. This is the perfect time to enjoy the expansive grounds. And you can do it thanks to Prime Video.

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