Novice assumes significant risk in relation to the series star Wars released so far. This research is in Supreme Republica historical moment in the complex chronology of a saga that still remains unpublished on the big and small screen. Especially since everything that happened during that time is told in various books that are currently part of the G franchise’s canon.

An exceptional opportunity to explore more than just the familiar elements of the first two hundred years of the intergalactic Republic. Moreover, in the complex power relationships between different characters, which They inhabited a privileged historical moment in George Lucas’ mythology.

But, of course, the most interesting thing about the new Disney production is the prominent place that the Jedi occupy in the plot. Especially at a time when they had full power and presence, it was a way to understand the Force on a new level. Novice It follows a scenario that has been hinted at many times in various films and TV series, but never shown as it will be in the new story.

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Moral dilemma in “The Novitiate”

In particular, by allowing symbolic figures to be, as shown in Star Wars. Episode I – The Phantom Menace, guardians of goodness. But unlike the characters introduced in the prequel, the characters Novice They are fighting the dark side with all their might. So much so that we begin to realize that the darkest moments in the history of the Jedi Order are beginning to repeat themselves.

This leads to a difficult question: where is the hierarchy? Is the Order of Strength sensitive? Moreover, what are the reasons for his struggle with the darkest and cruelest side of his abilities? History goes back to the very roots of the universe, exactly as George Lucas imagined when telling his story.

What’s most interesting, however, is that the Jedi Order can be a starting point for understanding how power is analyzed in Star Wars. In addition to the political implications of what would later become the tragedy of the execution of Order 66 for those who are Force sensitive. To understand its importance, we will tell you point by point everything you know about the Order before you see Novice.

The beginning of a powerful alliance

The Jedi Order was founded on the planet Tython, located near the Deep Core of the galaxy, in 25,783 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin or Before the Battle of Yavin, in its abbreviation in English). The latter is a measure of time that governs the Star Wars universe and has particular significance in the history of the Jedi.. This is the time before the founding of the Galactic Republic.

Therefore, he is directly related to the caste of sages who discovered physical strength capable of interacting with the Universe. Call Ashlais in mythology star Warsability without specific explanation, capable of flowing through those who possess it and cause concrete changes in physical reality.

Philosophers, priests and scientists from the galaxy and all the races of space have devoted time and effort to trying to understand its features. What they achieved after centuries and finally led them to create a group of sages with sufficient knowledge to be able to control the mysterious power in a primitive way.

The power of good and evil in “Acolyte”

However, as they delved deeper into the true potential Ashlathey eventually realized the capabilities of his cruelest side, bogan. Many of these early sages were seduced by what was then called the dark side and clashed with those who tried to contain them. All of the above led to the Force Wars, which shrank the surface Tython turned to ash, rendering it uninhabitable for decades.

It was during this debate that the Jedi as they would be known in the rest of Star Wars stories were born. Also at the height of the war, the Jedi Forge arose, which was responsible for the weapons of the Order. Which later led to the creation of the lightsaber. This is all thanks to the ability of force-sensitive scientists to freeze or crystallize a beam of light using the force of a weapon or military tool. Thanks to this progress, A group of warriors was formed who called themselves Jedi Knights.

Order of the Defense of Space

Having already formed as a group, the Jedi formed a training school with philosophical features on the planet Ossus. This is where the idea of ​​the light and dark side of the force – with the same properties as Ashla and Bogan – and other aspects is explored. But especially, it is in this territory, on the edge of the galaxy, that Jedi training begins for younger ones, also sensitive to the Force. This allowed the Order to grow from a philosophical center into a respected institution in the galaxy. And in particular, with participation in events the politics of the various planets with which they were associated or under their protection.

Therefore, when the Galactic Republic was founded around 25,053 BBY, the Jedi took on the role of protectors of the confederation of planets. In addition, they expressed their loyalty to this institution, which allowed the latter to develop and expand without serious tension. Including the Perlemian trade route, which connected Ossus with the planet Coruscant. This turn of events gave both places significant superiority of power and influence, in addition to being the Jedi’s operating space.

More conflicts to face in the Jedi Order

However, this was not an entirely peaceful process. In the midst of the rise of the Republic, the Great Schism occurred, a rift between those who were sensitive to the Force. Once again, the differences between the light and dark sides became a risk again. Which confronted a significant portion of the Order and ended in a battle between the most powerful Jedi of the time.

The conflict was not completely resolved, and in 7003 BBY the Order suffered an even more chaotic situation called the Second Great Schism. This confrontation between Force-sensitives lasted a century, which due to its severity was called the Hundred Year Darkness. Finally, the entire battle culminated at the Battle of Corbos around 6900 BBY. On this occasion, those who are Force-sensitive and cling to the dark side, They fled to Ziost to escape death and created the Sith Empire.

A war that completely destroyed the world

But the greatest event in the history of the Jedi was the Great Hyperspace War. This pitted the Republic against the Sith, who destroyed the number of sentient beings who had fallen to the dark side until they were scattered throughout space. However, the Sith Empire survived the ashes. However, the following centuries were marked by brawls of all styles, as well as the rebirth of the dark knights. Time and time again the Sith tried to take over the forces Republic, but is defeated by the Jedi in head-on and magical battles.

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In fact, in 4250 BBY, the Third Great Schism occurred, a civil war that ended with the death of the Dark Jedi in the Vultar system. The new clashes subjected the Order to all sorts of pressures, which ended with the destruction of Ossus, forcing the Jedi to rebuild at the Jedi Temple and the symbolic center of their power on Coruscant. The moment when the Order became an almost autonomous force within the Galaxy. And one of the elements that the Sith must take into account is in his determined attempt to seize power.

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