In the new season of the series BearCarmi (Jeremy Allen White) learns some great lessons in his life. But especially remember that cooking and the place it holds in his life as a seasoned chef defines both his past and the uncertain future he’s beginning to navigate. The series, which has reached a flawless third installment that ponders redemption, ambition, and finding one’s place in the world, shows its obvious maturity. But beyond that, it makes it clear that its setting is the frantic comings and goings of Between the cutlery, the saucers and the convenience foods, it will always be the heart of your story.

Something he inherited from the traditional film genre. Great stories that examine the world and the lives of their characters through cooking have always enjoyed considerable popularity. Especially when stories show recipes and dishes as metaphors for love, desire, longing and even pain. The truth is that food and the initial impulse to eat are fundamental to understanding people and their circumstances. Something that the seventh art understood from the very beginning and which allowed it to explore in some of its most interesting and sublime films.

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We leave you with five films that center on the kitchen and the chefs. From the search for a sense of beauty through cooking to the brutal drama that takes place between cutlery and glasses. This selection shows that the ancient art of cooking finds resonance in many other dishes. What is more interesting is that it analyzes the idea of ​​a person through his primal desires. The most interesting aspect of the dilemma that gender presents.

Put out

The world of cooking doesn’t just feature prominently in this elegant film. It is also the center of all the passions and desires of its main characters. 1885, Eugenie (Juliette Binoche) is a chef who has earned her place in the gastronomic world. Next to him for 20 years is Doden (Benoit Magimel), He feels a devotion that is close to a passion for cooking.

But beyond their talent for the culinary arts and the way they devote themselves to cooking, they share a hidden romance. A connection that is becoming ever stronger and that has immediate consequences: that the duo is capable of preparing the most unusual dishes.

Halfway between romance, subtle humor and drama, A Quiet Fire surprises with its subtlety, tackling difficult themes such as abandonment and despair. Therefore, this work should be enjoyed as the best snack.


However, if you prefer a darker tone, Menu This is perfect for you. Director Mark Mylod is the author of some of the best episodes of the series. Continuity– the film tells a sinister story in the context of a kitchen completely removed from Bear but also great. Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) wants nothing more than to be invited to Chef Slovik’s (Ralph Fiennes) mysterious restaurant. The latter is an island enclave that can only be accessed are under strict security measures and are only accessible to the world’s most successful.

But what begins as a showpiece dinner ends in a death trap when a renowned chef decides to confront what he sees as a lack of respect for the kitchen. Halfway between thrillera mocking and frightening look around desires and dissatisfaction, the film gradually turns into a horror scene.

The film takes on a dark existentialist tone with a twist ending that will make you want a cheeseburger more than anything else. A dark point that makes the plot one of the most interesting in recent years.


REMY (left), LINGUINI (right)

We know: the iconic image of food critic Anton Ego remembering his childhood with the first bite of a juicy dish has become part of cinema history. But Ratatouille is much more than its most famous scene. In fact, it’s a wonderful, well-crafted journey through the idea of ​​cooking as a pleasure, even across generations.

When Alfredo Linguini discovers that his love for cooking is inherited, he will strive to learn everything he can in a competitive world. And this with the most unexpected help: Remy, a rat with an amazing sensitivity to the kitchen. This amazing team will become – or try to become – the best chefs in Paris.

If, of course, Anton Ego allows him. But in fact, all the discomfort of this clearly evil critic is just one bite away, which will take him back to his charming childhood. An anthology episode that was one of the reasons for the film’s success.

Like water for chocolate

This 1992 Mexican cinema classic not only takes the concept of food as a form of magic to a new level. Also explore love as a force of nature capable of both destroying and building the best impressions of life, an ideal similar to Bear.

Tita (Lumi Cavazos) is the youngest daughter of a family living in troubled Mexico in the midst of a revolution. According to an old family tradition, he must give up his dreams of love in order to take care of his mother. But this will not stop her from falling in love with Pedro (Marco Leonardi), her sister’s husband. a forbidden feeling that puts her in a difficult situation.

Therefore, he will use the kitchen to express his feelings. Something that will make Tita an expert in the kitchen and also make her dishes a source of amazing magic. A touching film about love and cooking that’s worth revisiting if you enjoyed it. Bear.


Combining desire, a frustrated need for escape, and brutality, this story transforms a modern and sophisticated restaurant in Bangkok into an emotional battlefield akin to Bear. Aoi (Chutimon Chuencharoensukiing), She is a cook with exceptional talent and is trying to run a family restaurant.

But it will come second when she is hired to work in the most demanding and luxurious kitchen in the country. Which will make Aoi part of the irritable and strict chef’s trusted group. At the same time, he will turn his passion for cooking into a weapon. double-edged to express your deepest desires and perversions.

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