Amazon Prime Video has once again demonstrated its great commitment to the Spanish audiovisual industry. The American giant has organized a major event in Madrid to announce its upcoming projects, both in films and series, and even in the entertainment ecosystem. A future that seems particularly powerful thanks to the many famous faces that will be part of it. The platform has selected top-level talent to continue to attract the public to its content.

In total, Prime Video Spain is already preparing seven new projects, in addition to new installments of several series already released. And they, in turn, took the opportunity to watch new trailers for some other previously announced films and series. Names of growth Mario Casas, Anna Castillo, Najwa Nimri, Maxi Iglesias, Malena Alterio, Elena Anaya or Dani de la Torre. That is, some of the most recognized and sought-after artists in this sector.

Prime Video

New projects


  • Zeta – Starring Mario Casas and director Dani de la Torrewill be a spy thriller film. The actor named some references such as killeras it tells the story of five former Spanish spies killed simultaneously in different embassies around the world. The CNI discovers that 35 years ago, all were involved in a covert operation called “Cienaga” in Colombia. A sixth agent is also involved – the only one who escaped from the assassins. Finding him will be the first task of the CNI, which will assign the mission to its best agent: Zeta.


  • Pigs – TV series with participation Elena Anaya which will tell a story set in Valladolid in 1998. NinesIts protagonist is a conservative housewife whose husband falls into a coma, leaving her with the family video store. At that moment, he discovers that the business has gone bankrupt and decides to specialize in the only genre that makes him money: porn.
  • Point Nemo – TV series with participation Oscar Jaenada, Maxi Iglesias, Alba Flores, Magi Corceiro, Eric Masip, Najwa Nimri or Michel Calvoamong others. This is the story of an oceanographic expedition of scientists and the Spanish Navy who want to reach a plastic island located in the South Pacific. A strong storm will drag them to the island, located at the edge of the planet. A place previously inhabited by Russian soldiers who will have to test all their skills and knowledge to survive. Premiere on Prime Video in 2025.
Point Nemo Prime Video

Documentary series

  • How to hunt a monsterLouis GrossSentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual assault, asks YouTuber and filmmaker Carles Tamayo documentary about his life to clear his image after his conviction. Carles I agree, thinking that Gross He will ask for forgiveness, but seeing that this is not his intention and that he is still free, he tries to find out why he remains unpunished. Premiere September 6.
  • Medina: The Notorious Fraudster – There is a mysterious character in Spain who has spent the last 20 years extorting small amounts of money from many TV presenters. Among them Jorge Ponce, Andreu Buenafuente, Miguel Rellán, Carlos Areses, Berto Romero, Kira Miro or Joaquin Reyes. Own Ponce together with Javier Valera. Release in October.
  • Infiltrated the bunker – A thriller that uncovers the world’s longest-running infiltration of a pharmaceutical animal experimentation lab. The aim is to put into perspective and shed light on an inevitable social debate: the use of animals in scientific experiments.


  • La Jolla: Bad Gyal – Documentary about Bad Gyala successful Catalan singer who has become one of the most successful women in the Spanish-language music industry. The film chronicles his rise to the top after the eventful release of his first album. Joywhich was delayed more than a year due to circumstances beyond its control, will premiere on Prime Video in late 2024.
YouTube video

Commitment to Spanish industry

In addition to the seven new projects, Prime Video Spain offered a huge amount of news and previews related to some of the previously announced films. This is the case Enemies (2025), End of year trip (2025), Apocalypse Z: Beginning of the End (October 31, 2024), Red Virgin (September 27, 2024 in theaters) and Follow my voice (February 14, 2025 in theaters). The latter two will hit theaters before the streaming platform, a still-unprecedented move for a service that champions big-screen movie betting.

As for the series, trailers and news were released for them. tell me your name (2025), Your Majesty (2025) and Anyway (September 2024). In addition, Prime Video confirmed the extension of the contract. Red Queen third season(White King) even before the premiere of the second one. They were also repaired The one who will come for the 15th season (end of 2024) and Dating Barcelona for Season 2 (Fall 2024).

Red Queen

In the documentary space, Prime Video has released news about Alley in space (soon), Courtois: The return of the number 1 (September 20, 2024) and Boys Circus (November 2024) And they have been updated sweet naked for Season 2 (2025) and Pombo for Season 3 (October 2024) and Season 4. Two moves with which the company is strengthening its alliance with some of the most renowned influencers in Spain.

Operation Triumph

Finally, in the entertainment sector, Prime Video Spain is set to show its best side again. Operation Triumph. The reality music competition debuted on the platform just a few months ago and was a complete success. So the project will be available in September. OT23: Tour.

It will be a documentary divided into two chapters. The first, 60 minutes long, will follow the participants as they embark on a musical tour currently taking place in Spain. The second will be a special concert film recorded at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

Operation Triumph 2025 Amazon Prime Video

However, the highlight was the end of the Prime Video Spain event. And the company confirmed the extension Operation Triumph for the new edition. FROM 2025 It will appear in a little over a year, in September 2025, and new participants will want to declare themselves to the world and win the main prize. An update that filled fans with joy.

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