Among the elite sports, there is nothing more attractive to the entertainment industry than basketball and NBA. Much of this tradition began with the Los Angeles Lakers. big showteam led by Pat Riley. In the years that have recently been made into the HBO series, the different scales of glamor and entertainment have merged, never to separate again. This explains the origin movies which Rough diamonds (2019) and Claw (2022), in which Adam Sandler is the main character.

Gradually due to the phenomenon generated Los Angeles Lakers, the front rows of NBA courts began to fill with familiar faces. FROM Jack Nicholson before Spike Lee. Returning with the aforementioned productions, Rough diamonds He was sent Ben Safdie D Joshua Safdiehyphenated with Ronald Bronstein. A fast-paced drama where sports and the betting universe come together to tell a story Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler, with different tastes and needs. AT Clawproducer Jeremiah Tanplays an elite scout who looks for potential in players from anywhere in the world, although his favorite place is his home and the opportunity to be with his family.

In both cases, the experiment was a success. Two areas of the entertainment industry have come together to offer a couple of strong cinematic experiences from different perspectives. In particular, for Adam Sandler, they can be understood as “before” and “after” in his career.

Adam Sandler and his constant views on sports

Adam Sandler may have achieved a higher level of recognition thanks to this film. Happy Gilmorereleased in 1996. In it, the actor plays a privileged golfer who cannot control his emotions while playing. Nine years after this production came Low kick in the final game. In that movie is a player NFL a disgraced who is later revealed to have basketball skills. Among these works, water carrierin 1998, which is also marked by American football.

The difference between these films and Rough diamonds D Claw it is the center of stories, replacing comedy with more complex dramas in which different themes can be explored. All this without ceasing to be movie Adam Sandler,” with humor and extravagant details or cameos describing part of his relationship with the world he’s so interested in, the NBA and other elite sports. To the point that on YouTube you can find a video called “Adam Sandler Best Basketball Compilationlike it was just another sports superstar.

Before Rough diamonds D Clawthe actor has carried out a number of interventions of little importance, except for his work as Count Dracula in a franchise Hotel Translevania. He even had a chance to play himself in some production. In this non-standard context, the two films mentioned differ markedly.

Role reversal and significance in his career

Those movies contradict the part of his career marked by humor. In both cases, it is a resource, not a support for their interventions. While in many films he has been seen as an actor resorting to laughter to resolve various situations in stories, in his latest work he goes a little further in situations of vulnerability and stress for his characters.. It’s as if a light joke has been replaced by a well-directed emotion in the service of what you want to say.

Is the above a betrayal of your tradition? You may think so. But if we take into account the various aspects of these stories, such as cameos by athletes, artists, all Stars Among celebrities, some of this tone is known to have been propagated by Adam Sandler in various productions in which he participated, or that he was directly responsible for development.

This explains that in Rough diamonds East Kevin Garnet, one of the most important players in modern NBA history; also the presence of several players from this league, including the coach Doc Riversduring Clawproduced jointly with LeBron James. It’s part of a tradition that began in the 1980s when players, movie stars and entertainment stars interacted with each other and recognized the sport as an opportunity to position themselves and find stories to develop. Everything that Adam Sandler is now bringing to the platforms in his own way.

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