HBO Max is one of the best streaming services out there. Not only because of its catalog background with some of the most important series in history, but also because of the price. His introductory offer in Spain was unbeatable and even today you can sign up for a 35% discount. But something is happening with your newest content. Many European series are disappearing from the platform.

And we’re talking about an exclusive HBO Max series that’s definitely not going away. because their streaming rights are expiring or they are moving to another streaming service. They were literally wiped off the platform. Some relatively recent gourmet love, No news D By H or By B disappeared from the catalog.

Conspiracy theory aside, there’s a reason many of your favorite shows are no longer available on HBO Max, and that’s money. Simply and easily. Streaming is going through hard times, with examples like the loss of Netflix subscribers or rising production costs. HBO Max is familiar with the issue and has resolved fix this by shortening the European streak.

HBO Max stops production of European series on its way

Rising costs and ongoing issues between the merger and WarnerMedia and Discovery have seen European production of much of HBO Max’s exclusive content come to a halt. And along with it, the series associated with these productions, including Spanish ones, also disappeared from the catalog.

HBO Max has already confirmed to specialist media such as verTele that the aforementioned Spanish production, gourmet love, No news D By H or By B, left the platform as part of the global changes that the platform is undergoing. And that’s what Discovery’s amalgamation had as a direct result. rein in European local productionincluding in the Nordic countries (HBO Nordic), Central Europe, the Netherlands and Turkey.

So a new future is opening up for European production hand in hand with Discovery and Warner Media, and therefore HBO Max, though it’s unclear if content disappearing from the platform will ever be used again. All in all, a new conglomerate WBD (Warner Bros. Discovery) aims to cut costs by $3 billion. And this is happening, saying goodbye to many European series. At least for now.

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