Thor: Love and Thunder it’s a lot of things at once. From a full fledged comedy to a superhero adventure film that goes all the way to drama and romance. Everything is built to support the inner journey – first teasing, and then, with an unexpected twist to painful – Thor. But the most surprising plot twist is the one dedicated to Jane Foster. Waititi restores a character from an ungrateful past and gives him an unexpected energetic evolution. This is while inserting and supporting the love story that keeps the film alive as a premise.

For the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what happened between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Jane comes to the screen. And it does so on a gentle journey of coexistence, intimacy, and love as a deep emotional and spiritual connection.

That’s for sure, the love that Thor professes for Jane, which evokes the film’s main point. And also the right decision to endow the character with a new substance and an unknown force. From a disgraced girl to an ordinary lover, Jane Foster turns into Thor: Love and Thunder in a powerful presence. Not only because of the hammer that he wields, but also because he demonstrates all the possibilities of a figure of magnificent solidity. Jane Foster, the traditional Thor comic character, is finally making a strong showing in her film version.

Jane’s long road to fame

Jane Foster has long been familiar to most readers of the Thor comics. In 1962, she made her first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #84 as the nurse and assistant to Dr. Donald Blake, the incarnation of the god of Asgard. Then, Jane was part of a strange love triangle., being the love interest of both Thor and Dr. Blake. But the character never realized that both men were the same person.

During this first story arc, Thor took Jane to Asgard to receive the gift of immortality. However, Odin opposed such a decision. The Allfather felt that the nurse was not strong enough or brave enough to be of “real use” to them. So, Jane was returned to earth without strength and memory.

Thor Love and Thunder Thunderer

Jane has evolved very little over time. As a minor character, his story had very little meaning unless it was directly related to the God of Thunder. Eventually Jane fell out with Dr. Blake (and Thor) and married Dr. Kit Kincaid. An actual figure who would help Captain America when the super soldier serum began to lose its properties.

Despite the distance, Jane continued to be part of the world of Thor and all the conflicts that surrounded it. During the events of the Civil War comic, Jane joined Captain America and helped the so-called “Secret Avengers” – Thor also appointed her as the representative of Midgard. Finally, Jane achieved her most significant involvement in the Thunder God universe: her transformation into Lady Thor.

How Jane Foster Became Worthy

In Thor Vol.4 #1, the god of thunder loses his ability to hold Mjolnir. From the very beginning, there is no clear reason for such a tragic event. The story simply indicates that Nick Fury was advised by the Observer – the same character from What if…?who whispered something into Thor’s ear. Whatever it was, it immediately made itself unworthy of holding. Deprived of his powers, Thor remained on Earth, while the hammer remained on the Moon, and no one could move it, even Odin, who tried to do it more than once, but to no avail.

Finally, a female character can do it. At the end of the comic, a mysterious figure is shown flying over the lunar landscape until it reaches Mjolnir. The inscription giving him power has changed and can now read: “Whoever has this hammer, if he is worthy, he will have the power of Thor.” Therefore, when an unknown woman picks up a hammer and raises it, she receives not only a mystical weapon, but also the powers of Thor.

Later it turns out that Jane Foster is the new owner of the Hammer and that the story of her transformation is much stranger than one might think. In this case, Mjolnir telepathically “looked for” Jane. And, convinced that he was worthy, he asked Heimdall to take him to the surface of the moon to own him. Due to all the consequences of owning Mjolnir, Jane decided to keep her identity a secret. Something that caused Thor great despair left his strength and hammer.

Thor: Love and Thunder

It was a painful transformation that began before Thor became unworthy to hold the hammer. Jane was diagnosed with cancer and was near death when Mjolnir decided he could keep her., in addition to inheriting Thor’s abilities. However, the change was not enough to cure him completely. Being the bearer of the ring, the power of Asgard removed any chemical components from her body. And it included drugs that allowed him to survive the cancer. So every time Jane transforms, she gets a little weaker and weaker.

Lady Thor is the rightful heiress of Thor and not only because she owns Mjolnir. He also has all of his powers and the ability to control lightning, fly, and travel between dimensions. Hammer wielding also changed Jane’s appearance. Every time he calls on the powers of Thor, Mjolnir changes its appearance grew long blond hair and fitted it with a helmet and armor similar to Thor.

There was a brief period of confusion for the god of thunder, and he actually confronted Lady Thor to claim his hammer back. But in the end, Thor proved that Lady Thor was worthy enough to wield the power and the symbol. Therefore, he accepted his transformation and the fact that he now owned the symbol of his power. Because of the above, Thor briefly renounced his name and his past. And done, he began to be called Odinson, instead of being called a god.

And on the big screen Jane Foster gets decent

The Mighty Thor: Everything You Need to Know About Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder and Mjolnir Jane Foster

AT Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi almost completely changed Jane’s narrative arc with only a few modifications. But just like in the comic, the character has managed to reach his fullness and say goodbye – for now – to the franchise. But he also did something else. Through Thor’s love, Mjolnir not only found Jane worthy, but gave her the ability to surpass her.

finally Thor: Love and Thunder, Dr. Jane Foster, is a myth. And also, the newest inhabitant of Valhalla. An honor that pays homage to the character both on the small screen and on paper.

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