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7 lesser-known Prime Video movies you shouldn’t miss


The media is always discussing the same movies that we all already know, often blockbuster hits. However, it is already well known that the platforms integrate thousands of movies that you probably did not know about, and many of them are huge successes.

And it’s true scrolling the entire list offered by the platforms is often quite heavy and in the end we chose the same as usual.

Looking for something to watch has become a hobby in itself, and the algorithmic advice they’ve given us isn’t helping either.

Yes, as we enter the summer months and we have nothing new to see, such a report goes too deep, in this case, from Prime Video.

Here are 7 lesser-known Prime Video movies you shouldn’t miss:

  • Suspiria (2018)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
  • carries (1976)
  • Catfish (2013)
  • Train to Busan (2016)
  • Being Ricardos (2021)
  • One Night in Miami… (2020)

Suspiria (2018)


Suspiria 2018 Trailer (English)

We all know how complicated it can be to remake such a successful movie, and you definitely have to be very brave to feature possibly the best horror movie of Dario Argento’s career, and fans of the 1977 movie should be very careful. thank you for this version directed by Luca Guadagninowho clearly knew and loved him.

All right, we’ll meet here The secret, quiet, but very sinister activities of the faculty of an elite dance school in Berlinand unlucky young women who are starting to doubt the truth about the place they’ve entered. The use of witchcraft will have a lot to do with it.

“I hope the movie feels like a relentless experience that goes deep into your skin and down your spine.” the director comments on his version. “I want the movie to function as the most disturbing experience possible.” Add.

We leave you the Prime Video link.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

20 Least Known Movies Worth Watching

Roald Dahl’s adorable 1970s children’s novel comes to life in stunning stop-motion in this film. Wes Anderson, nominated for an Oscar for best animation. However, it’s not the best of all, as it’s portrayed by a cast of Hollywood’s top stars, including George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman.

It is centered a clever fox who must defeat three evil farmers trying to harm himself and his family in every way.

Enjoy the wonders of Wes Anderson before finding a great movie for any summer weekend to watch quietly and have a good time with the family or alone.

You can see it by clicking here.


carries (1976)


Carrie, Stephen King’s 1974 book, It was her first published novel.and it was definitely a great way to start. This Brian De Palma adaptation was an instant hit at the box office after its 1976 release and is considered one of the best horror movies ever.

However, it seems to have been forgotten long ago, especially with Carrie’s other films that were released later.

Coming to the plot, Sissy Spacek plays Carrie White, a 16-year-old high school student with a fanatical religious mother who isn’t very nice to her.

After Carrie is bullied at school and the students involved are punished, the main bully and her boyfriend hatch a diabolical revenge plan to embarrass Carrie at the prom. But be very careful because Carrie has a supernatural secret of her own.and anyone who has wronged him is about to find out.

We leave you the Prime Video link.

Catfish (2013)

black fish

Let’s start with a great documentary: The Catfish. And here we will find the cinema. The way to raise awareness all over the world is to applaud and applaud.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s disturbing documentary Blackfish sheds light on the controversial practice of keeping orcas in captivity and highlights the story of one in particular, Tilikum, an orca performing at SeaWorld Orland, is responsible for the deaths of three humans between 1991 and 2010.

They will live the life of Tilikum since his capture in Iceland, and he argues that killer whales are intelligent and sensitive beings that should not live in tanks or be used for human entertainment. of course you have to see

You can have a look by clicking here.

Train to Busan (2016)

train to busan

Few movies are better in the horror genre than those made in Korea. And that’s it, they go from the deeply psychological to the disturbingly supernaturalI live through creepy monsters and much more with almost no movement and with great dexterity.

“Train to Busan” is a great example of this and is unique in its kind because it adds a bullet train mixed with zombies. Coming to the plot, Seok-woo (Gong Yoo), who is known worldwide for his role in The Squid Game, is a businessman and divorced father in Seoul trying to get his young daughter home from her mother in Busan.

The problem is, the ride is going to get a little hectic. Time apocalyptic zombie epidemic begins to spread rapidly across the country, all hell breaks loose. A passenger becomes infected and the train overflows before you know it.

It’s a great movie that is highly recommended to watch, so we’re leaving it linked.

Being Ricardos (2021)

to be ricardo

In Aaron Sorkin’s dramatized biopic, we delve into the ins and outs of Lucy (Nicole Kidman) and Desi (Javier Bardem)’s on-set and personal lives during the making week of an episode of this sitcom. they will test each other in front of a large audience.

We don’t talk more and less sitcom I Love Lucy, One of the greatest comedians of all time, Lucille Ball co-starred with her husband, Desi Arnaz. It aired from 1951 to 1957 and is considered one of the most innovative television programs in history, as it pioneered it. still used production techniques and format.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video here.

Disney Plus logo

One Night in Miami… (2020)

One night in Miami...

We’re dealing with a fictional movie, but it’s about an event that actually happened: a meeting between Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke, and American football star Jim Brown, who beat Sonny Liston for the world championship that same night. .

It is known that the purpose of this meeting is no more or less to enjoy each other’s friendship, discuss and discuss their role in changing black America. So we will see a film full of history represented by great cultural weights.

The movie will also sequences of their individual lives and achievements to try to recreate what humanity would be like if they came together more often for this common cause.

The link is here.

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