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New Netflix animated movie we’d love to see in theaters


streaming platforms brought us a lot of good: we can access thousands of movies and series for a small (and ever-increasing) monthly fee with 4K resolution, HDR and surround sound.

But they also prevent us from enjoying other things. They premiere many exciting films that we can not see in the cinema. This is the case with some of Pixar’s latest releases or recent Netflix Exclusive Animated Premiere.

Near sea ​​monster, a film about huge beasts, pirate hunters, and a great visual spectacle whose gigantism dissolves when you watch it on a 50- or 60-inch TV. You can watch the trailer here to see for yourself:


Netflix official trailer for Sea Monster

The sea monster is a mixture of the game monster hunter, and movies like Godzilla and How to Catch a Dragon.

He talks about an alternate reality where pirate hunters of giant sea monsters which from time to time attack the population of the coast.

One of the last remaining hunting ships, the Inevitable, is sent to hunt the Red Bramler, the most feared beast of all. But takes on board a clumsy stowaway: Girl Maze, an orphan hunter who went to see the monsters with her own eyes. And of course you will see them…

sea ​​monster This is a film produced by Netflix.created and directed by Chris Williams, co-director of Disney’s Vaiana.

Although the scenario is predictable, It’s a fun and exciting movie that’s perfect for family viewing this summer.

Unfortunately, as we said at the beginning, It’s like a movie made to be seen in theaters. There are many episodes in which, to emphasize the gigantism of the monsters, the beast takes up the entire screen, and the people are small ants:

These shots certainly look great in a movie theater, but they lose their effectiveness on a TV, even on a 60- or 70-inch TV.

At least there’s the consolation that you’ll save the 30 or 40 euros it would cost you to go to the cinema with the whole family. And you can also pull a homemade projector …

sea ​​monster It is currently available exclusively on Netflix. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend the Sea Monster review at

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