Sometimes, secrecy about the details of every part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe borders on the unbelievable. Although this is not always the case. If we look at two films before Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), information bombardment that took place against Spiderman: No Way Home (2021) contrasts sharply with hermeticism about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). Perhaps the difference between Sony and Disney.

And if there were times when even the translators weren’t allowed to read the full script of what they were about to shoot, the fact that one of the scriptwriters didn’t know the details of one of his scenes is a novelty. This happened with Jennifer Caitlin Robinsonwho signs with Taika Waititi a fourth adventure starring the God of Thunder, played by Chris Hemsworth. Well I didn’t know what they were showing between credits from Thor: Love and Thunder.

In conversation with a magazine Diversitywas asked if she was involved in writing the scene in Thor: Love and Thunder where we learn that Russell Crowe’s Zeus is not dead and that he intends to send his son Hercules with the face of Brett Goldsteinto finish off Odin. “I saw it at the premiere with everyone,” he replies. “Just like I think Taika didn’t know Thor was coming back, I didn’t know Roy Kent [de Ted Lasso] It was Hercules.”

The screenwriter who was kept secrets from “Thor: Love and Thunder”

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Marvel Studios

“I knew they were talking about Hercules. His name was spoken in conversations he probably shouldn’t have heard., but I did it, ”says Thor: Love and Thunder screenwriter Jennifer Kaitin Robinson. “So, the moment I saw the beginning of the scene, I realized that [Zeus] he was going to talk to Hercules. I didn’t know who they chose. But I thought, “Is that Hercules?” I just knew it was something they were saying, “We need some wiggle room with this, so stay away from it.”

The reason he ignored the question, and why Marvel preferred him, is because they didn’t let him get into every aspect of the script. Thor: Love and Thunder with Taika Waititi. “There was a really amazing plan. So it was only the deepening of the plane. It was a peeling off of layers and really insight into the character. Jane’s story [Foster] This was something I took a big part in. I think that’s where I helped the process the most.”

However, Jennifer Kaitin Robinson believes that she and the New Zealand director formed a “good team” and this helped her remember the details, essence and purpose of the whole. “When you start editing, you know everything explodes anyway. So I always tried to be around to make sure the right thing was said.” But, as for Hercules, “he was excited about the moment in Thor: Love and Thunder where she was surprised Indeed”.

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