Koch Media Italia is pleased to announce that: Peter goes to the moon from Ali Samadi Ahadi, a galactic adventure that will take adults and children straight to the moon, is now available in 220 cinemas. Tomorrow July 22, 2022, the film Out of Competition will be presented in the Elements +3 section of the 52nd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival.

For this occasion, Koch Media has partnered with INAF, the National Institute of Astrophysics: Claudia Mignone, astrophysicist and INAF popularizer, will be in the room to talk with the students about the observations of the sky and the exploration of the space, focused on the extraordinary missions that brought humans to the moon. Claudia Mignone said for the occasion:

Spreading scientific culture is an integral part of INAF’s mission, with a particular focus on the younger audience. We are very happy to bring the charm of the universe to the framework of the Giffoni Film Festival, defined by Truffaut as the most necessary among the film festivals.

Based on Gerdt von Bassewitz’s popular German children’s fairy tale, Peter Goes to the Moon is a modern take on Ali Samadi Ahadi, director of the popular film series Pettson and Findus. In this fantastic animated story for the whole family, Peter is a shy geek who follows his father’s passion for outer space. When he realizes that Anne, his mean little sister with a vivid imagination, has suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night, worried, he immediately starts looking for him. Magically catapulted to mysterious Starfield, he discovers that Anne has been kidnapped and held captive by the evil Moon Man. Realizing that he never really listened to her, how much he takes for granted the feelings that bind him to her, and how much his affection is greater than the entire universe, to save her, Peter will have to go to the moon by teaming up. working with a bizarre “dream team” of unlikely heroes of the galaxy: the Sleep Man who suffers from narcolepsy due to professional disfigurement, the spirits of nature and Ronzolino, who pretends to be dead at the first shock.

Synopsis of the movie:
An older brother’s life is tough, especially when you’re dealing with a troublemaker as a sister! In the middle of the night, Peter, a young space nerd, discovers that Anne, his sister of all herbs and fantasy, has disappeared. Immediately after his quest, he is magically catapulted to Starfield, where the Sleep Man and Ronzolino, an incredible talking beetle, convince him that Anne is being held captive on the moon by the evil Moon Man. To save his sister from the clutches of this lunar monster, he needs the help of a “dream team” (so to speak!), consisting of the Man of the Sleep, a tender old man suffering from sudden narcolepsy, and Ronzolino , which he pretends to be dead at the first danger. So Peter finds himself in a fantastic space adventure to free Anne and thwart the Moon Man’s nefarious plan for the conquest of the universe.

Source: Lega Nerd

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