UNTIL Milan a group citizen activists rolled up his sleeves of goodwill watering cans make wet trees from Milan. Poor plants suffer from drought. The initiative started with a Facebook page denouncing an ineffective reforestation campaign. The campaign is called ForestaMI, it is just one of many projects to transform some populated areas into urban jungles. Others include the Boeri Vertical Forest and Tree Library and the rebirth of 3 million trees by 2030 in Milan. The advantage is the purification of the air when planting plants. All for the betterment of Milan.

Even in Milan it can happen that trees are left dead or careless. Here, this is the complaint of the Milanese citizens who join the… BagnaMI Campaign. Numerous trees planted thanks to the ForestaMI initiative are on the brink of dying. The complaint starts from Adriana Berracadministrator of the Facebook page “ForestaMi e then DimenticaMI”, activist and founder of the Civic AmbientaLista.

2022 is the year in which the water resources they are even more important because of the large Drought. In fact, Berra has gotten a lot of messages from the residents. They complained that they couldn’t use the water from the fountains to water the trees as they would have been sanctioned otherwise. So Berra suggested using water recycled from domestic use.

BagnaMI was born as a spontaneous campaign by citizens, it started last year, and actually even earlier, and in fact there are citizens who, not long after the start of the ForestaMI campaign, started watering the trees and killing saplings in saw the area. The poor greenery of Milan dries up, turns yellow and struggles. I appeal once again to all Milanese who care about trees, their health and ours to arm themselves with looks and good will.

Adriana Berrac

Source: Lega Nerd

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