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Movies to Watch This Weekend on Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+: Ryan Gosling, The Complete Fast and the Furious Saga, and the Irish Mafia


The heat seems to have given us a truce, but it’s back again this weekend. However, nothing stops us and we return again, as we do every Friday, to bring you the news that some platforms bring this weekend.

That’s why we come with 3 recommendations from Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video, so that at least time passes a little faster, enjoying a good movie.

Today we bring you a film in the purest James Bond style, with action, explosions and spies. On the other hand, we have the full Fast and Furious saga that HBO Max brings us, and finally the legendary Irish mafia.

The Gray Man: The Invisible Agent (2022), Netflix


The Gray Man is based on the bestselling book of the same name, written by Mark Greaney, the famous co-author of Tom Clancy, who has already published an entire saga. This is the first name a movie about spies and state assassins in the purest James Bond style.

In the actors section, we have two superstars like Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans who will be the two antagonists of the film and are about the worldwide pursuit of two freelance spies and assassins who worked for the CIA, each with a different perspective. peace.

Now you can watch it on Netflix.

TV series “Fast and the Furious”, HBO Max

fast and furious 9

HBO Max brings us the whole saga of these wonderful films that accompany generations year after year. For those who are still a little confused, Dominic Toretto is the leader of a gang accused of stealing trucks and stealing electronic equipment. On the other hand, we have a young cop, Brian O’Conner.

Everything will start as one fight the police against the criminal gang, but little by little everything will change and not only would he become part of Toretto’s cast, but O’Conner would fall in love with Toretto’s sister.

As of today, you have 9 movies available on HBO Max.

Disney Plus Logo

Death Among Flowers (1990), Disney+

death among flowers

Finally, we leave you with the series, a mythical period that covers the story of Tom Reagan, Irish mob boss Leo’s right hand and top advisor.

Two rival gangs fight for control of the city in which the police are a pawn, and incessant raids are nothing more than a way for one gang to get revenge on another. Black humor and violence will be the protagonists of this story, and we wonder if Tom really has any kind of sensitivity and emotions.

It’s available on Disney+ starting today, July 22nd.

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