STARZPLAY, STARZ’s premium international streaming service, today announced the first version of the first original German-language series Night in paradise, in production in Berlin. The epic six-part series, based on Frank Schmolke’s acclaimed graphic novel, will be shot in Berlin and Brussels between July and October and will be available to stream in Europe and Latin America via STARZPLAY.

The series takes the viewer on an enchanting journey through a nighttime metropolis. A dark and edgy drama based on the graphic novel by Frank Schmolke. Taxi driver Vincent (Jürgen Vogel) and his now estranged daughter Joni (Lea Drinda), each in their own way roam the city as capitalism collapses around them. Cranky, divorced and in financial trouble, Vincent has to accept that he is no longer a necessary element. His profession is on the brink of extinction and Joni, whose life he longs to be a part of, considers him a stranger and goes out into the world on his own. But the apocalyptic events of this fateful night are about to bring their lives back together. When the old wounds reopen and the city explodes, what boundaries will father and daughter be thrown over?

Night in Paradise was written by award-winning director Matthias Glasner (Das Boot) and Hannah Schopf (Tiger Girl), with Matthias Glasner also directing most of the series alongside Bettina Oberli (My Wonderful Wanda). Casting Jürgen Vogel (The Wave) and Lea Drinda (We, the boys of the Berlin zoo the series) respectively as the father and the now estranged daughter who meet again and bring old wounds to the surface as the world around explodes. Birgit Minichmayr (Schachnovelle), Leonard Scheicher (Das Boot) and Aleksandar Jovanovic (The Perfect Deception) join the cast to bring Glasner’s powerful vision to the screen.

The series is produced by Windlight Pictures, part of ITV Studios, founded by Das Boot executive producer Moritz Polter. Heinrich Ambrosch and his Satel Film are co-producers. ITV Studios handles the international distribution. The series is supported by the German Motion Picture Fund, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Belgian Tax Shelter Regime and Wallimage. Belga Productions will take care of the production in Belgium.

STARZPLAY’s international originals include the French series All That Things We Never Said, the Spanish series Express and Nacho and the Latin American titles MalaYerba, Señorita 89, Toda La Sangre and El Rifugio. Night in Paradise is the first original German-language series.

Source: Lega Nerd

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