It can be seen tonight on Giffoni 2022 Rosanero, the new comedy Sky Original directed by Andrea Porporati, who wrote the story and wrote the script with Salvatore Esposito, who stars with little Fabiana Martucci and makes her film debut. The film is based on the literary work of the same name by Maria Tronca, published by Baldini + Castoldi.

At 7pm, Salvatore Esposito, Fabiana Martucci and the film’s director Andrea Porporati will be on the festival’s blue carpet and meet the 16+ jury boys in the Truffaut room to initiate the screening of the film. Produced March 11 Film and Vision Distribution, distributed by Vision Distribution, will be available soon on Sky and NOW.

Rosanero is a modern fable of light tones with some dark elements that, through an unpredictable and unexpected exchange of identity, gives life to a comedy of misunderstandings suitable for the whole family with a surprising ending where good and evil are continuously reversed.

The cast also includes Antonio Milo (Natale in Casa Cupiello, Commissioner Ricciardi), Salvatore Striano (L’oro di Scampia), Aniello Arena (Reality, Ultras) in the role of Michele a’Murena and with the extraordinary participation of Sebastiano Somma ( Rimini Rimini, Opera, the cloth merchant).

Totò, 40, is an emerging boss of organized crime in the Neapolitan area. Rosetta is a ten-year-old girl who is in fifth grade. One morning, Totò is struck in the chest by a bullet. At the same time, Rosetta falls off a swing and hits her head. The girl and the boss have surgery, but when they recover from the coma, they are both changed. Totò, the Camorra, wakes up in Rosetta’s body, Rosetta in Totò’s. A kind and dance-loving child remains entangled in the traits of a mobster. And a gangster in that of a little girl.

Source: Lega Nerd

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