A few days ago, the most expensive movie service, The Gray Man, was released on Netflix. It will cost $200 million.

To be honest, I got the impression that the lion’s share of the budget went to Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Because otherwise this picture almost does not justify the money invested in it.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Typical action movie

The novelty does not shine with originality from the word at all. This is a completely standard action movie that has no soul.

About the plot: 20 years ago, the CIA’s special department was launched under the Sierra program, during which agreements are involved to carry out special special tasks.

One such agent is Court Gentry. After a while, the power in the CIA changes, the former head of Fitzroy is replaced by the electoral Danny Carmichael, who meets with cruelty. Agents come to his compromising evidence, so he is forced to send Gentry on a mission to eliminate the source. However, he is in no hurry to give away a flash drive with compromising data and becomes the number one target himself.

A spy thriller is a spy thriller, so that intrigues and a frequently changing pace of growth are found in it. However, here, too, the directors of the Russo brothers are not adequately positioned to their advantage. The story is just full of plot holes and illogical connections.

At the same time, the picture itself is big cliché. That is, the main villain of the whole film talks about how evil he is and in every possible way presents himself with a negative side, and the good character, on the contrary, is too principled and too justified. And, of course, it was not without the pompous speech of the “glavgad”.

One of the main problems lies in the characters themselves. They constantly repeat all the evidence, how cool they are and, in general, true professionals who do not make mistakes.

But the viewer on them completely don’t give a damnbecause they don’t bother to make it clear. They have no adequate backstory, we know almost nothing about the consequences, and so on. In the end, wooden blocks are painted in front of us, which simply move the plot forward. And optional actions.

And for this it becomes doubly insulting, because the film is based on a series of books by Mark Greaney, who collaborated with Tom Clancy in the past. The authors had base of 11 (!!!) booksbut they decided to take only the main points as a basis and run through them.

Hack is found in every written script, not to mention empty dialogues that do not shine with a “red word”. More than half of them could have been cut out, but then the timing of the novelty would have been delayed from 2 hours to half an hour, maybe a little more.

The Gray Man deserves the title. This is an expensive blockbuster with “gray” characters and a muddy chosen one, in which you absolutely do not want to believe.

The production is good, but there is always a “but”

In addition to the budget of the actors, it definitely went to assemble a film crew around the world. Locations are overwhelming.

One scene dynamically changes to another, chases and choreography that is achieved at the highest level. You can see where all the money went. But behind the scenery, the audience will not see anything completely sensible. It’s as if another part of the Fast and the Furious is described, where everything explodes abruptly and everyone kills each other. Well, except for the main characters, of course.

This is also combined with the soundtrack, the picture is full of references and simple jokes. At the right moments, music puts even more pressure on emotions. But falls short to a level where you care for the most part.

The best fight scene I would say is the final reflection. But this is almost the only fat plus in the picture. Yes, they don’t let you get bored here, but you want to pierce your face with your hands from actions in one form or another.

The most amusing, oddly enough, was the observation from a height. There are too many of them here, and they all write beautifully. But! The operator accidentally found a drone and decided to shoot panoramas without stopping. There are almost no outstanding shots in the film, all the emphasis is on bird’s-eye angles.

A passerby not worth wasting time on

In the end, we got a completely standard summer action movie, which contains a lot of problems, both with characters and with the plot as a whole.

If you watch a novelty, then with a complete shutdown of the brain, otherwise you will not be able to bear the nonsense that is happening on the screen.

This is a very passing movie that catches only names and nothing more. I wouldn’t expect that time to come.

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