Summer is the time for free days, sunny and, moreover, the hottest. Especially in this year of abnormal heat, when the temperature broke historical records and slightly overshadowed the rest of the days. As if that wasn’t enough, traditional outdoor activities and fun in the sun have become more sophisticated. But, as is often the case, in the world of film and television, there is an answer to a curious and annoying situation. In fact, Netflix has a curious selection of films that show the full force and power of the cold.

In some Netflix projects, his unique ability to become an enemy to be defeated is revealed. And all this against the background of powerful storylines in which the weather is a primitive and overwhelming fact of considerable power.

From desert landscapes of rare beauty, where ice and snow are insurmountable obstacles, to cold as a means of survival. Fiction offers an amazing journey through all sorts of new versions of seasons as narrative spaces. If you want to forget about the very high temperatures of this peculiar summer for a while, we leave you with five Netflix movie recommendations to help you with this. All of them show cold, ice and snow as unexplored and amazing terrain. And it’s as exciting as it is dangerous.

black crab

This dystopian nightmare from director Adam Berg explores the setting of a devastated world where ice is the last frontier. In addition, go deep into a room that transforms cold and snow is a hidden threat. When Caroline Ed (Noomi Rapace) must complete a near-impossible mission to reunite with her lost daughter, the weather becomes her enemy. But beyond the harshness of near-lethal temperatures, the director talks about seeing the weather as a brutal context.

Scenes from the Netflix movie show a leaden sky that becomes a mirror that prevents Ed and his group from progressing through the day towards the goal. At night, the cold is a crushing horror that can kill the slightest indiscretion. Berg uses the notorious analogy of cold and its danger to analyze the psychology of his characters.

And it does so through the uncomfortable journey of perceiving good from evil. This group of soldiers, recruited through pain for the impossible, will have to go through painful space to find victory. What is this broken space under the outwardly calm surface? No one knows for sure until they have to face him face to face. And in the middle of it all the cold will be a terrible and cruel announcementwho will rise like a gluttonous creature at the most unexpected moment.

lost in the arctic

Long before scientific advances could reveal the dangers of the world beyond civilization, research was needed. Even in the worst conditions and in the midst of unknown dangers, often putting the lives of its participants at serious risk.

movie netflix lost in the arctic pays homage to this understated and powerful story through the true story of the Danish Alabama Expedition to Greenland. Conducted between 1906 and 1908, he was one of the first to carefully traverse the wilderness. Also see how the cold can be an overwhelming condition for many expedition members. Several chronicles of the participants of the journey describe well the horrors that ice and snow could cause.

In fact, one of the most important lost in the arctic it is absolute hardness, in which the effect of ice as a climatic effect is manifested. At that time, many details about him were unknown. But the expedition was one of the first to confirm its most bloody consequences. The cold is not only huge gusts of wind capable of freezing on contact, but an increasingly cruel and cruel prospect. Turned into a total and brutal landscape, the tour showed the world that the Arctic is more than an unknown region. Also, one of the most mysterious places in the world.

Despite this, the Netflix movie is much more than its white horrors and long scenes in which ice becomes an adversary. Strange as it may seem, history takes a much more thoughtful and meaningful way of narrating a geographic conflict that has become a historical milestone. Intriguing in its ability to convey the ambiguous notion of scientific success, it is a brilliant journey through the mysteries of the great expeditionary conquests.

midnight sky

In Midnight Sky, the arctic version is dystopian and sinister. Director George Clooney analyzes survival, time and fear through a visual approach to cold. The camera shows motionless landscapes of terrifying beauty. And this is done with the intent to delve into the concept of isolation and madness through the environment. It is then that ice, snow and cold themselves become the protagonists of long silent episodes. Plus, the elegant shots that give the Netflix movie a curious visual grandeur.

The premise, on the other hand, is also based on the state of the Arctic, which has become a central point of oblivion. The plot tells about the desperate rescue of a group of astronauts from a base located in the middle of ice floes. But beyond the idea of ​​time, Clooney explores the possibility that this search for a bigger idea is linked to human confusion.

As the character, played by the director himself, fights to keep the astronauts alive, the barren land around him reflects his inner loneliness. Also elegant and ominous perception of cold as an anomalous element that will have to be fought. And, no doubt, winning in the midst of a surreal sense of disorientation caused by the seemingly white landscape around him. A visual marvel in this Netflix film that allows the viewer to fully understand the power of cold as a crucial element in an adventure destined for tragedy.

White Nights

But snow is not only a scene of misfortunes, dangers and fateful collisions. Luke Snellin’s film shows how a snowstorm can bring three love stories together. And at the same time be the perfect setting for reflection on human nature and especially its fragility. A brilliant understanding of the power of the elements to further influence human life and create a paradoxical sense of comfort and intuitive understanding.

White Nights It is also a journey through such disparate concepts as ambition, pain, suffering and the perception of current success. All in the midst of an unexpected encounter that will pit three childhood friends against their shared stories. If in other Netflix films the blizzard is a threat, this time it allows for a kind and sensitive tour of emotions.

And also for the deep tenderness of understanding that feelings are the source of almost invisible knowledge about the most important events of our life. Everything, among the gusts of an icy wind and the perception of snow as a door to transition into a gentle mind.

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