Today Weird stuff it has become a worldwide phenomenon, but at the time of its debut on Netflix, or in 2016, none of the insiders could have imagined how the public would have received the show. And David Harbor he thought the series was going to be a disaster.

The actor recently spoke about it on The One Show. Here are his words:

I remember when we were filming the first season. We were in Atlanta and Netflix just gave us $20 to film. In the middle of the shoot, I remember my hairdresser telling me, while we were shooting the fourth episode, that she didn’t think it would work. When we finished work on the set, I thought there wasn’t going to be a second season, that we’d be the first Netflix show not to have a second season. We thought no one would see him, and it would be a disaster.

And instead, Stranger Things has reached a record number of visitors and will soon be preparing to film its fifth and final season. In this regard, Harbor himself stated some time ago:

I think we will start shooting next year. They are still writing the season and then we will have to prepare everything, hopefully within this year. Hopefully the series will be released in mid-2024.

Source: Lega Nerd

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