You horror games It is quite diverse in terms of subgenres and formats. There is a high amount of titles from major developers in franchises such as: resident Evil This silent Hill. More indie games or those from smaller studios have also conquered their space – games like Layers of Fear, Amnesia, and others.

But there is another category that Big hit on YouTube in recent years, especially due to gaming and backlash from publishers and influencers. These games weird horror, with a production that is technically far from what the industry sees as “standard”. Below we have reserved some of these titles for you to know or search the video platform.

1. Poppy’s Playtime

One of the biggest names on the list, Poppy’s Playtime It “pierced the bubble” of publishers and became a success for PC and mobile. On the land, you need breaking into an abandoned toy factory to find out what’s in the disabled location. Along the way, the player realizes that some of the company’s creations are more realistic (and scary) than they first appear.

Poppy’s Playtime has simple graphics with little variation in scenarios, but manages to simulate a tense atmosphere well. title divided into chapters, two already publishedand blessed his main beast: disturbing and relentless Hugging Wuggyit even became a stuffed animal in official stores and street vendors.

2. Banban Garden

As in the previous game, Banban Garden It follows a basic story and even a similar distribution format: it also unfolds in episodes and puts you in the role of a person who unravels the mysteries of a mysterious and seemingly empty place.

Here you investigate what happened to the kindergarten, which was the last place children and staff were seen until it disappeared without a trace. The description seems to be about this weird gang of local mascotsIt doesn’t just seem to be trapped in students’ imagination or the drawings on the walls. The gameplay is much simpler than Poppy’s Playtime, including graphics and gameplay. Still, it is guaranteed to scare and generate many views on streaming platforms.

3. Baldi’s Fundamentals in Education and Learning

This one has perhaps the most surreal look on this list. Baldi’s Fundamentals in Education and Learning title and it seems like an educational title due to its somewhat simplistic and childlike appearance, but it takes a completely different route.


Your role is to escape a strange school after collecting the items, but nothing is as simple as it seems: you have to do it all. being chased by disturbing characters and he begins to have increasingly absurd visions. Project created by a single developer and it even has a remastered version with a slightly improved look.

4. grandma

grandmother is a horror game that has been popular for several years but continues to frighten new generations of broadcasters and viewers. And there’s a reason for that: the house is falling apart and the cheesy “grandma” who relentlessly follows you with baseball bat. Has he been shot? Then you wake up the next night to try again and make small advances with each new round.


Here, because of the limited space, sneaking around and waiting for the danger to pass is, if not more important, than running in any direction. Another distinguishing feature of Granny is that it is mostly available on Android and iOS mobile devices, although this game is also popular on PC.

5. Thin: Eight Pages

This game has already become a classic and is the oldest title on the list with a 2012 release date. However, it deserves a big mention as it is part of the category of simple and weird games that have become a phenomenon on streaming platforms. . …wasted Thin: Eight Pages Slenderman, a slender, tall and mysterious figure created as a creepypasta, conquers a whole new audience beyond forums, blogs and social networks.


Your aim in the free game is simple: equipped with a flashlight and without any map type, you should collect eight sheets scattered around the setting. From a certain point in the task, Slenderman starts chasing you and gradually make the player question their own sanity.

6. Piggy

This is a different game as it is part of its own platform: Roblox. Inside piggyOne of the most popular games around, you must survive in a kind of deadly “catchup”. Your goal is to escape from a pigskin villain or control the killer himself – a asymmetric multiplayer Like other horror games like Dead by Daylight.


As a survivor, you you need to take the keys and open the doors escaping the stage within the time limit, one of the few scenarios. Piggy quickly starts chasing after the others and recruits victims as other followersadds a load of tension to the task.

7. Back Rooms: The Lost Tape

Another game originating creepypasta, the latest version. Inside Back Chambers: Lost TapeYou’re in some kind of parallel universe, made up of a series of environments and corridors with a corporate vibe, but a little pale yellow and seemingly deserted.

back rooms

This is a simulator where you spend most of your time walking, but don’t think that lessens the horror of the game. The setting is irritating in itself and you’ll see this as you progress you are not so alone on that side. Back Chambers: Lost Tape does not require a powerful computer and have Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.

8. Egghead Gumpty

halls Egg Head Gumpty They look simple and lifeless, but you’ll soon be immersed in this mystery and exploration game with a very simple premise. Here again the purpose collect items, solve puzzles and escape from a strange creature. In this case, a kind of egg-shaped monster the size of an adult, just watch the player for a while before attacking.

Note that “weird” here is not just scary, it’s an amateur composition (sometimes developed by several or one person), questionable graphics, very present bugs, or simply weird. . But that doesn’t mean the games are bad, but it does mean that they’ve managed to break through their limits and go viral due to the weirdness and atmosphere created with very few resources.

Source: Tec Mundo

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