At the same time, there is no doubt on which platform it will be released. Light year, the latest Pixar film to focus on one of the house’s most famous characters. Andy’s space toy tells his story of an intergalactic guardian.

Bright Year was a highly anticipated film for Pixar fans. It was the perfect combination of universes that the animation house taught to its audience. On the one hand, the double reading that Pixar has dominated since its first production. Also the fact of highlighting a historical figure for the company. Buzz Lightyear was created to conquer the little ones and the oldest who grew up with character toy story. He half understood.

Controversy erupted over Light year and tarnished the rest of the story, which was still considered pretty good and interesting. Although not to the level inside out or up. Cause? Inclusion of a scene with two kissing women. This led to the censorship of the Pixar film in China and the Middle East. It also sparked a debate about whether animated films should use these resources. Something, by the way, Disney has already taken as a standard in all of its latest games. Thor: Love and Thunder or Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness They have already touched on this idea. And despite the censorship, they decided to go ahead.

When will Lightyear premiere on Disney+?

Light year arrives at Disney+ this Wednesday, August 3rd. Thus, it works out two months of its premiere in theaters, only to later appear on an open streaming channel for all users and platforms.

That’s quite a challenge for a Pixar film. Lightyear premiered in theaters after months of the pandemic with no house titles in theaters. Before Luka, Red or Soul they decided to premiere directly on Disney+. Some even have additional paid access. It was a good strategy. When Light year, Box office receipts were not as good as one might expect. Based on the origin story of Andy’s famous toy, the movie is hoping to get a great reception on the streaming platform. And surely you have. With audiences still willing to spend money on going to theaters, the film is likely to be number one on its platform.

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