There were many doubts as a result Predator: PreyDan Trachtenberg, now available at Disney+. Particularly after more than two decades of blunders, bad plot decisions, and failed reboot attempts have turned the saga into cinematic chaos.

Fans and specialized critics alike have wondered if the essence of the premise can be argued based on an interesting take on science fiction. How to revive a creature with mythology, culture and even your own rituals?

The director succeeded and exceeded all expectations for the project. Predator: Prey It’s a carefully crafted act that not only pays homage to the saga it comes from, but elevates it. He explores the unpublished passages of his mythology and analyzes its most complex elements in terms of maturity. All attractions for fans of the franchise. But also a telling demonstration that one of the most successful series in cinema deserves a second chance.

Predator: Prey premieres exclusively on Disney+ and Star+

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However, the new addition to the chronology raises the question: what is the chronology of the saga? Predatorincluding Predator: Prey? We leave it to you below.

one. Predator: Prey (premiere 2022)

Movie coming out with Dan Trachtenberg 300 years ago events described in predator. The dispute is actually taking place in Comanche territory. And this is connected with the rest of the films only by the possibility of the presence of the Predator. The plot carefully explores the strangeness around the creature and makes it clear that this is not his first visit to earth. Or that at least the various raids of a special race of hunters considered part of the mythology of various cultures.

And although this is not explicitly mentioned, the fact itself may be related to what is told in Alien vs. predator. As you may remember, in the 2007 film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, it is mentioned that the earth was a common sanctuary for predators.

two. predator (premiere 1987)

The first film of the saga to be released will be the second in its chronology and will take place 300 years after Predator: Prey. The story takes place in 1987 and is the first appearance of the titular monster. This is also a case where the concept of a space culture based on hunting is being demonstrated. The Predator isn’t just an alien, he has all sorts of characteristics that make him an alpha killer.

It is of great interest that many of the film unfolds with the central monster as a ghostly presence. It is shown in full only in the last section. In addition, one of the characters hints that this is a supernatural presence. “Living jungle,” explains character Elpidia Carrillo, referring to the horror hidden in the thicket.

3. predator 2 (premiere 1990)

Placed chronologically in 1997 (despite being released earlier in the decade), it represents a significant time jump for the plot. It does not feature any of the original characters, but does include some details about the Predator’s customs and habits. In fact, this directly indicates that the creature hidden in Los Angeles belongs to a race with certain and dangerous customs.

As for its curious ending, the character played by Danny Glover ends up coming face to face with the Predator. And after the victory find the ship it came from. In it, he encounters a group of creatures that look like the recently deceased. Just then the camera pans to the bridge where they are. There are bones of all kinds here, including the bones of the Alien that gave rise to the future franchise, and weapons from different eras. A Comanche can be seen in the brief image, which may tie the film to the latest in the series.

Finally, Glover’s character receives a turn-of-the-century revolver as a reward for defeating an alien in his territory. Plot twist to understand the creature’s future behavior.

Four. predator (premiere 2018)

The narrative takes place between the events described in predator 2 (1990) and predators (2010). On this occasion, there are many more details about the nature of the creature, including a hint of a civil war between different races on the same planet.

In addition, the plot shows how one of the hunters kidnapped and held hostage by a human lab. Which also allows you to fix the most common mistake regarding the franchise. “They are not predators, they hunt for sport and pleasure,” explains one of the characters. The ending hints that an internal clash of Predator cultures may come to Earth.

5. predators (premiere 2010)

Set at an indefinite time after Predator 2 (1990) and before that predator (2018), the film shows the Predator’s hunting grounds on several different levels. He also delves into the fauna and flora of an unidentified planet that appears to be part of a hunter culture. This is the area where the aliens take living victims for the formal training shown in general terms.

One of the goals of the film is to show that Predators can also be punished by their race.. What can be related to some concepts predator 2018.

Full stop is a franchise alien vs. Predator. The origin was the comic book of the same name, published in 1989 by the publishing house a dark horse. It is actually assumed that both monsters live in the same universe when an Alien’s skull can be seen aboard the ship. predator 2.

one. Alien vs. predator (premiere 2004)

The first film of the failed dilogy takes place in 2004 (the year of its release) and directly analyzes the characteristics of the Predators as a culture. seven years from predator 2does not mention its plot or characters. But yes, emphasizes the behavior of the creature. Not only is Earth a neutral land on which a ritual of passage is performed. In addition, this is the place where aspiring warriors must prove their worth. And to do so, faced with an attack by a group of aliens, created specifically for this purpose.

The film shows that the Predator culture has been present in human history for millennia. And it hints that some beings have interacted with cultures and societies throughout human history.

two. Alien vs. predator 2 (premiere 2007)

The action takes place immediately after the release of the film in 2004, so we can say that its chronological point falls on the same year. In addition, it almost linearly follows the events told in the previous film.

His first scene shows fate predator killed during the events of the previous film. And the consequences that the rest of the crew on board the ship will have to face. The production adds little to the already debunked mythology. But yes, it does provide a brief overview of the hunting burial rite that is not without interest.

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