Last week the news of the incident came Anne Heche, the actress who has seen herself in such films as Donnie Brasco, Sex & Power, the remake of Psycho. Overseas sites recently announced that Anne Heche is brain dead from injuries sustained in the car accident in Los Angeles.

People from Anne Heche’s team released a statement which we report below:

Unfortunately, the accident caused Anne to have brain syncope and went into a critical condition in a coma. It is thought that it will not survive. We thank everyone for their prayers and devoted staff for Anne at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills. She has decided to donate organs. Anne has always had a big heart and has impressed everyone with her genuine spirit. In addition to his extraordinary talent, he showed kindness and joy. She will always be remembered for her courage, honesty and her light will be so missed.

Anne Heche has also appeared in several TV series such as Ally McBeal, Destini, The Michael J. Fox Show and Chicago PD

Source: Lega Nerd

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