In recent years it has become commonplace to read or hear that history blackberry worthy of a movie, and it’s about to become a reality. As reported Diversityjust finished filming a film that tells about the rapid rise and deafening fall of Research in Motiona Canadian company that, before the advent of the iPhone and Android, was the leader and benchmark in the global smartphone market.

The film is titled blackberry and starring Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton, with direction provided by Matt Johnson, who excelled in independent productions and is best known as a director. Operation Avalanchesince 2016.

No production details have been released at this time, but Baruchel and Howerton are expected to play Mike Lazaridis D Jim Balsillie. Recall that the first became a co-founder of RIM in 1984, and the second joined it in 1992. Together they led the company until he left in 2012, when BlackBerry was already in free fall.

The film script is an adaptation of the book. Signal Loss: The Untold Story of BlackBerry’s Incredible Rise and Spectacular Fall. It was written by Canadian journalists Sean Silkoff and Jackie McNish and became a bestseller upon publication in 2015. The film does not yet have a set release date..

The history of BlackBerry will get its own film adaptation

Mark Blinch

It goes without saying that the BlackBerry movie will trace the history of Research in Motion and focus on its rise to the top in the early 2000s and its subsequent fall. Let’s not forget that almost overnight, the mobile phones of the North American firm they have gone from objects of desire and status symbols to obsolete devices. Much of the blame lay with the executives themselves, who ridiculed Apple’s post-iPhone plans and argued that no one would prefer a virtual keyboard to a physical one.

The boom of the iPhone and the global spread of Android quickly proved them wrong. When RIM tried to regain lost ground, it was already too late, and any subsequent attempts to revive the BlackBerry ended in failure. What’s amazing is that the Canadian company has managed to reinvent itself as BlackBerry Limited, making great strides in areas far from the mobile world, such as software services and corporate cybersecurity. It remains to be seen if the film covers a recovery period under John Chen or if it simply focuses on his rise and fall as the king of smartphones.

It is clear that the choice of BlackBerry as the next story of the technological and business world on the big screen is not accidental. In recent years there have been many productions of this typewhere the common denominators are the rapid growth of companies and the scandals of their main figures. Only this year we have seen it in cases like super pumped (uber) Screening (Theranos) and WeCrash (We are working).

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