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Netflix and Prime Video have the same rescue with their last two releases, but in completely different ways.


The world was shocked in 2018 the dramatic rescue of 12 boys aged 11 to 16 and their 25 year old coach, who are trapped cave in Tam Luang, Thailand, after the flood. During 9 dramatic days, more than 5,000 people participated in the near-impossible rescue. Including Elon Musk, who designed a mini-submarine that was never used.

It was a spicy story that film and TV producers couldn’t let go. After several documentaries, they arrive almost simultaneously. the film Thirteen Lives on Prime Video and the series Cave Rescue in Thailand on Netflix..

Interesting to enjoy Two completely different ways to tell the same story. Even if you know what happened, these two adaptations are worth watching because they tell the same events from completely different perspectives.

First of all we have thirteen lives, a film directed by Ron Howard and starring Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen and Joel Edgerton. Hollywood heavyweights for a typical Hollywood production.

As seen in the trailer at the top of the news, and as confirmed by our colleague Rafa Dominguez in his Thirteen Lives review on, we’re looking at a classic Hollywood movie in which drama intensifiesand the weight of the argument falls by Western rescuers who come to the aid of children.

The film is dedicated complex rescue operation that they had to develop, be able to enter dangerous and narrow underwater caves with muddy water for 5 hours and take the children out one by one.

BUT good drama movie with impeccable shooting, which Ron Howard always guarantees, and good performances by Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen. thirteen lives now available on Prime Video.

At the other extreme, we have Rescue in a cave in Thailand, a 6-part miniseries that premieres September 22 on Netflix. The trailer can be viewed here:


Cave Rescue Thailand – Trailer

The series was created by Michael Russell Gunn (Billions, The Designated Successor) and Dana LeDoux Miller (The Designated Successor, Narcos) and directed by Baz Punpiria (Road Alone, Bad Genius) and Kevin Tancharoen. (“Brothers-Sun”). Boba Fett book, Warrior).

It was filmed entirely in Thailand with local directors and actors and from a different perspective than the Prime Video film. From what we see in the trailer and from what the press release says, Rescue in a cave in Thailand will focus on the experiences of children trapped with their coach and parents awaiting an agonizing rescue.

Two very different visions of the same storywith two works that also cannot be 100% compared, since you cannot talk about the same thing in an hour and a half film, as in a series that lasts 7 or 8 hours.

Source: Computer Hoy

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