Rings of Power is about to be released, but is already part of the history of the series. The production of Amazon Prime Video surprised with its grandiose scope. The series has managed to capture J. R. R. Tolkien’s universe with a level of detail that is admirable. At the same time, this is an unprecedented journey through the work of a British writer.

For the first time, there will be a story that is not part of a larger trilogy or its later appendages. It is also a project that aims to tell a story “that Tolkien never wrote”.

A plot experiment that has been troubling fans for months. However, according to showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McCaid in interviews with actors and producers Rings of Power to which you had access hypertext, the creation of every aspect of the series comes from respect. An opinion shared by Executive Producer Lindsey Weber.

Rings of Power: recreate a universe with millions of fans

The creative team, in an extensive interview with the international press, emphasized that every decision was the result of discussion and collaboration. A point that allowed them to understand the work as a whole and its characters as connecting threads of several ideas at the same time. One side, Rings of Power I wanted to pay homage to the books it comes from. But at the same time, have your own personality.

“We meet many times, just to plan. We have an amazing department of brilliant minds,” Weber said. “We had many meetings to (analyze) how to bring all the characters to life at the same time. Both traditional and new,” explained the executive director. From his point of view, this is an all-encompassing point of view, related to the story, the plot of which depends on the details. An element that he emphasized was taken into account in reproducing the complex universe imagined by Tolkien.

“All [lo que mostramos] in Middle-earth it is done by hand,” Weber emphasized. “A lot of what you see is done by hand, and there is a significant team of people who make what will be shown on the screen.” showrunners from Rings of Power They emphasized that although The series will be compared to the Peter Jackson trilogyIt is, in fact, something completely different.

“We didn’t want to imitate it, but we wanted to create the feeling that this is evolution,” explained Patrick McCaid. Something that the behind-the-scenes team was aiming for, with a huge focus on the central references to the cinematic work. A method that allowed them to build their own world, which, although related to Jackson’s world, is independent of him.

Journey through a world created by the imagination

The adventure of retelling new stories from one of the most beloved works of fantasy literature, involved a group of actors committed to the idea. Among them is the Welsh actress Morfydd Clarke, who bears the complex responsibility of incarnating Galadriel in rings of power. The character is one of the most respected in Tolkien mythology. He’s already been played in the movies by Cate Blanchett and is coming to Amazon Prime with a new perspective.

For Clarke, creating the face of a younger version of the Elven Lady required serious physical preparation. In addition to its legendary beauty, Rings of Power she is also a born leader who is destined to command the fight against evil. “I trained a lot, like swimming, climbing (to achieve) strength. But it also concerns the study of the weapons that (Galadriel) will use. How to use them and quickly dismantle them.

Clark emphasized that part of his work was honor the character as a legacy that he received with emotion and love. “I was inspired by books and (acting) Cate Blanchett. (Previous movies) helped me figure out where my character was going. He was constantly present in my head as a source of inspiration.

Behind the scenes, there was also considerable enthusiasm and commitment to making the adventure live up to fans’ expectations. Clarke specifically commended the work of Spanish director J. A. Bayon, responsible for the credits for the first two episodes. “Your work is wonderful. His imagination is very wild and fantastic. As are your ambitions. But it can make you laugh and (fill) the set with silliness and lightness. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

In the end, the promise to J.R.R. Tolkien fans is kept.

The Lord of the Rings, The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

First reviews about Rings of Power emphasize its scale at the technical level. One day, the way the script tries to cover different stories that were only hinted at in the original play and he does it right. A show that doesn’t do justice to the seminal literary saga it’s based on.

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Producer Lindsey Weber and her team still have a long way to go. “We want many seasons. We’ve been working so hard on this that it’s been years since it all started. We can take the opportunity to bring many more characters and places to life.” All indications are that this will be the start of a long road to full-time work. One that is sure to go down in history in the entertainment world.

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