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Netflix with ads will arrive sooner than expected to steal advertisers from Disney+


There will be changes in the streaming services market, with both Disney+ and Netflix at the end of the year slightly cheaper than current plans, but will impact a large portion of consumers when they start rolling out their advertising-related plans. An introduction that perhaps few people could have dreamed of years ago.

And particularly important is the change to Netflix, which previously refused to include ads, but will launch a new inexpensive ad-based subscription later this year, bringing its premiere from early 2023 to November 1.

And according to The Wall Street Journal, via Variety, Netflix subscription launches with ads It will premiere in November to get ahead of schedule with Disney+ announcements which is scheduled for December.


SEPTEMBER 2022 Premieres _ Netflix Spain

It looks like this Netflix plan will be pushed forward with announcements in countries like the United States, Canada, UK, France, and Germany so Spain will be out of the equation and will likely get this new plan in early 2023. .

Netflix did not approve of this last-minute move to pre-launch its ad-supported plan, commenting:We are still in the early days of deciding how to launch a lower priced ad-supported tier and no decision has been made.”.

This move would have been given to anticipate the Disney+ ad schedule to be released in the United States on December 8.

The latest rumors have had Netflix’s ad-supported plan cost between $7 and $9 per month, similar to what’s currently paid for the most basic plan.

The idea of ​​Netflix is ​​to present approximate according to the latest information. 4 minutes of commercials per hour on the showsome, but not all, movies show pre-roll ads, and we’re talking about an ad frequency of 1 per customer per hour and 3 per day.

Netflix seems to charge their advertisers a CPM of at least $65 per 1000 views, but they seem to be open to negotiating ad rates as they are well above the CPM usually paid in this industry.

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