Dragon Housefrom HBO, inevitably reminded us of several events that happened in Game of Thrones. First of all, its disappointing ending, as part of the information provided in in spin off contradicts the outcome of the main series. At first it was the revelation of King Viserys about the prophecy of Rhaenyre, but the matter did not stop there.

In the last episode Dragon House“King of the Narrow Sea,” Viserys Targaryen returns to comment on something that makes one wonder what happened in Game of Thrones. Specifically, The moment Arya Stark kills the Night King.

Viserys, in his new conversation with Rhaenyra, hints that the dagger will play a key role in the future of Westeros.

“This dagger belonged to Aegon the Conqueror. Before that, he was with Einar. Before then, well, it’s hard to say. Before Aegon died, the last of Valyria’s pyromancers hid his song in steel.”

At that time, Viserys put the dagger on fire to make the recorded message more readable. Reynira herself reads it aloud: “From my blood is the promised prince, and his is the Song of Ice and Fire.”

Do any of the characters come to mind with this message? Yes Jon Snow. Or rather: Aegon Targerien, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

Should Jon Snow kill the Night King?

Hypothetical end Dragon House

“For the world to survive, Targaryens should take the Iron Throne. A king or queen strong enough to unite everyone against cold and darkness. Aegon called his dream “A Song of Ice and Fire”. These words, spoken by Viserys himself in the first episode Dragon Housemake us think of Daenerys Targaryen. The problem is, he hasn’t even come close to uniting the kingdoms to stop the threat from the north.

What are we told in Dragon House allows us to visualize a hypothetical ending where Daenerys manages to reconcile the differences between all the kingdoms and remains alive, exercising his reign. On the other hand, Jon Snow suggests killing the Night King. Thus, Aegon’s prophecy came true better.

All these narrative contradictions, apparently, were provoked in a certain percentage by the fact that showrunners from Game of Thrones did not have access to winds of winter, another written work by George R. R. Martin, which is still far from being released. For this reason, it was necessary to improvise on the plot fieldof course, not taking into account that shortly thereafter there will be spin off It would make fun of your ideas.

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