Everything the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island can show

The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro can show many things, this is the list of them all.

by Ángel Roca for iPhone

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max introduce the new Dynamic Island, a long hole-shaped cutout that replaces the notch. But Apple made necessity a virtue and added many features to this new segment. And we’ll go over everything the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island has to offer.

The best thing about the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island, anyway fully integrated with music or call apps, so you don’t have to wait for app developers to release a compatible update. It’s true that this new cutout could affect other apps as it’s located a little lower than the notch, but it couldn’t be more complete when it comes to functionality.

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iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island does a lot

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) in his video about the iPhone 14 Pro List everything related to Dynamic Island can do. This list is likely to be expanded in the future with new features or apps that are not currently compatible.

General iPhone Alerts

Here are some functions that we can see in the promotional video of the iPhone 14 Pro. These are small notifications that normally appear in the middle of the screen or in the status bar:

  • connected accessories
  • air drop
  • air game
  • airplane mode
  • Connected AirPods
  • ApplePay
  • Car key
  • charging start
  • eSIM alerts
  • face id
  • Call
  • Changes in Focus Modes
  • incoming calls
  • low battery
  • NFC Interactions
  • shortcuts
  • Toggle silent mode
  • How to Unlock Apple Watch

apple apps

Most of Apple’s apps include functions for the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island:

  • Apple Music/Now Playing
  • camera indicator
  • map directions
  • microphone indicator
  • calls continue
  • personal hotspot
  • screen recording
  • Share Game
  • Stopwatch
  • voice memos

Third Party Music Apps

Most third-party music apps are compatible with Dynamic Island, just as they appear on the iOS 16 lock screen.

  • Amazon Music
  • audible
  • cloudy
  • pandora
  • sound cloud
  • Spotify
  • sewer
  • youtube music

Third-party search apps

The same thing happens with calling apps, they are equally compatible with the native Apple Phone app.

  • What’s up?
  • google voice
  • Instagram
  • Skype

No doubt that Apple started function rather than interesting This has already taken everyone by surprise, including Samsung users, and that sun could be better.

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