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The Bourne legend turns 20 and celebrates by showing all five movies on HBO Max


this bourne movies is released hbo max This Friday, September 23. Somebody The most popular action and thriller epics of the 21st century It can be perfectly enjoyed for the first time or revisited to discover something new.

the bourne incident (2002), The Bourne Legend (2004), Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Bourne Heritage (2012) and Jason Bourne (2016) will be released on the same day, so you can marathon over the weekend if you want.

As with almost all popular action and espionage films, the Bourne saga has its origins in literature. The first three films, which are objectively best, are based on the authors’ novels of the same name. Robert Ludlum.

Many thinkers bourne legend aspect 21st century James BondAnd although they have similarities, their tones are very different.

In 2022, it will be 20 years since The Bourne Affair premiered. A man is seen swimming in the Mediterranean with two bullets from behind. A device with a Swiss safe deposit box number is embedded in his hip.

The alien saves his life, but he doesn’t remember anything about his past. The information in the vault reveals clues that will help him discover his true identity: his name is Jason Bourne and he’s a CIA assassin, responsible for doing the dirty work.

From here onwards, the films will explore different government conspiracies and gradually more is discovered about Bourne’s past.

The epic of the movie is indisputably connected with the actor who gave life to Jason Bourne. Matt Damon. And famous because action scenes are shot without computer special effectsAll you see are stuntmen making risky shots, including Matt Damon.

But in the fourth movie, The Bourne Legacy, neither Matt Damon nor Bourne himself appear. Instead, a new hero, Defense agent Aaron Cross, must face the consequences of what happened in the third movie. Bourne returns for the final installment, jason bourneIt premiered in 2016.

A good collection of action thrillers, ideal for entertaining during the weekend. All the movies will premiere on HBO Max on September 23 at the same time.

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